The 3 best white gaming mousepads

These are some of the best options in mousepads to suit a white color scheme.

Sticking with a common theme can greatly enhance the aesthetic value of your gaming setup. Not only does it look nice but it often also promotes the user to keep their gaming space tidy and free of clutter.

While having white peripherals is common, having a completely white setup is unusual since the options for white mousepads are few and far between.

While uncommon, there are still options on the market that will provide a quality play mat for the user while staying true to their preferred color scheme to match the rest of their setup.

Here are some of the best choices in white gaming mousepads.

Glorious stitch cloth mousepad

Image via Glorious PC Gaming Race

Glorious has created a high-quality mousepad available in a range of sizes and colors including white. The material used in this product is a low friction cloth that provides mouse speed and control for the user, helping them get the most accuracy from their play.

The reverse side of the product is high-quality anti-slip rubber that will ensure the product does not slip around the surface of the user’s desk. The interior is made with a high-quality foam core that provides adequate support and durability. Available in six sizes spanning from 11 x 13 inches to 24 x 48 inches, this mousepad will perfectly fit most setups.

Odin Gaming Zero Gravity mousepad

Image via Odin Gaming

Odin Gaming has created a mousepad with speed at its core. The surface of the product is built to facilitate maximum mouse speed without the need for external coating or fabrics that are susceptible to damage over time. The stitching on the edges of the product is done so in a way that will not irritate the user’s arms as they glide over the product while in use.

The Zero gravity mousepad boasts the ability to offer the same feel of motion going side to side as up and down, culminating in a seamless user experience. Available in an array of sizes, Odin Gaming’s Zero Gravity mousepad is a great product for users planning to keep their setup in color sync.

BattleBull Grazed extended mousemat

Image via BattleBull

For users who aren’t entirely set on a pure white mousepad, BattleBull has created a cost-effective white mouse mat that will provide a great experience for its users. Built with durability in mind and boasting thick stitching on the edges to minimize fraying, the product is available in a range of colors including white with black logos on the front. If cost is a factor, this is one of the best options on the market today for the size of the product.

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