24K Gold PlayStation 5 pre-orders start on Sept. 10

Anyone want a $9,780 PS5?

Screengrab via Truly Exquisite

Before Sony even allowed the general public to pre-order its next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, British Luxury customizing brand Truly Exquisite announced the pre-order option for a 24K gold PS5.

Truly Exquisite will offer the whole PS5 set and versions (Digital PS5, Disc PS5, controller, and headset) covered in 24K gold, 18K rose gold, and platinum. Pre-orders will start on Thursday, Sept. 10.

Sony hasn’t announced the normal version’s price yet and Truly Exquisite only revealed the prices of the already customized PS5s. The platinum-covered disc PS5 has the highest price at £8,299, which converts to around $9,780.

Screengrab via Truly Exquisite

When the PS4 was released in 2014, the console also received a 24K-covered version from Gatti Luxury Lab, priced at an absurd $14,000. Incredibly, the golden PS5 will cost less than its predecessor’s golden version.

The offer is compatible with the demand. These are limited edition consoles with only 250 pieces made per model. But the company does offer free worldwide shipping and insurance.

Truly Exquisite specializes in luxury personalized smartphones and giftware. The company sells a variety of gold and Swarovski customized objects, including exclusive Swarovski Crystal Adidas Yeezys, custom-made La Ferrari Electric Ride On Car for kids, and the world’s first 24K gold Samsung Galaxy S9.