GPD Win 2 is a gaming laptop that can fit in your pocket

The project is currently on IndieGoGo.

Nicole Carpenter  -  7 days ago

Razer wants to power a laptop with its Razer Phone

Project Linda is a concept being shown at CES 2018.
Nicole Carpenter - 14 days ago - Hardware

ASUS is releasing a $1,700 SKT T1 laptop in 2018

The ROG Strix SKT T1 Hero Edition laptop will cost $1,700.
Nicole Carpenter - 16 days ago - Hardware

Nvidia is launching a line of massive 65-inch gaming displays

Why have a normal-sized monitor, when you can go big?
Nicole Carpenter - 16 days ago - Hardware

HyperX unveils its new wireless headset—a first for the gaming company

The headset is part of HyperX's CES 2018 lineup.
Nicole Carpenter - 16 days ago - Hardware

Bankrupt peripherals company Mad Catz is making a comeback

The company's assets were apparently acquired by a Chinese holding company.
Nicole Carpenter - 20 days ago - Hardware

Nvidia's new $3,000 graphics card is "the most powerful" GPU on the market

It's more for research and machine learning rather than games, though.
Nicole Carpenter - 2 months ago - Hardware