Joseph "TiZoXiC" Capetillo is an American player for Wise Gaming, most well known for his time with teams such as Dynasty, Classic and Believe the Hype.
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Halo 3

TiZoXiC made his professional debut at MLG Meadowlands 2008 as a member of Fatal Images alongside Naded, Severince and WoooLy. The team finished 8th, a strong finish for the rookie. Fatal Images returned in San Diego with Foulacy in WoooLy's place for another 8th place finish. Following San Diego, Naded and Foulacy left Fatal Images and were replaced by MaNiaC and Laquatus, resulting in another 8th place finish for TiZoXiC and Severince in Orlando. The duo then joined Antigravity alongside GuN ShoT and Eli for Toronto, where they took yet another 8th place finish. Antigravity returned in Dallas, where they finished 9th, barely missing out on qualifying for the Las Vegas National Championships.

Going into the 2009 season, TiZoXiC split with Severince, instead opting to follow GuN ShoT to Ambush alongside Chig and NeXuS. After a 10th place finish at the Meadowlands opener, the departing Chig was replaced by Gilkey. The result in Columbus was another 10th place finish. With the departure of GuN ShoT came the acquisition of Mackeo and a 16th place finish in Dallas. TiZoXiC finally found his break after Dallas, joining Dynasty alongside aPG, eNabLe and Destin. The team took 4th place in Anaheim, solidifying themselves as top contenders. At the Orlando National Championships, Dynasty took 7th place.

During the offseason, TiZoXiC left Dynasty to join Classic, the team that had finished 2nd in Orlando, alongside GH057ayame, Soldi3r187 and Chig. In their return to Orlando, Classic again finished 2nd, falling to Instinct in the finals. After a less impressive 7th place finish in Columbus, TiZoXiC left Classic to return to Dynasty alongside aPG, Clutch and Destin. They fared no better than TiZoXiC's last team, finishing 7th in Raleigh. TiZoXiC then joined 2009 National Champions Believe the Hype alongside MaNiaC, DEMON D and Snip3down. They managed only an 11th place finish in D.C., but still qualified for the Dallas National Championships, where they finished a much better 5th.

Halo: Reach

Going into a brand new game, TiZoXiC and Snip3down returned to Dynasty, this time alongside GH057ayame and Destin. They took 8th place at the Dallas opener. After replacing GH057ayame with Heinz, they took a much stronger 3rd place finish in Columbus, but fell to 6th place in Anaheim, prompting another team change in which Destin was replaced by Cloud. Despite an improved 4th place finish in Raleigh, Dynasty made a major change going into Orlando, replacing the departing Snip3down and Cloud with FormaL and a returning Destin. TiZoXiC finally hit the big time in Orlando, as his team took 1st place at the event, defeating Raleigh champions THO Infamous in the Finals. Unfortunately, they could not channel this energy into their Providence National Championships performance, as they finished only 5th at the final event of 2011.

Going into the sole major event of 2012 - MLG Columbus, TiZoXiC and Destin recruited Dersky and LethuL to round out the Dynasty roster, resulting in a 4th place finish. With LethuL replaced by FormaL, Dynasty then took 3rd place at AGL 2 Columbus. TiZoXiC went on a competitive hiatus after this event, not returning to major competition until nearly four years later.

Halo 5: Guardians

After skipping Halo 4 and Halo 2: Anniversary, TiZoXiC returned to competitive Halo when he formed 2mil or Windmill alongside Blaze, Burton and Posey xR for the Halo World Championship 2016 qualifying series. They failed to qualify after finishing in the top 8 of the LCQ.

TiZoXiC attended his first Halo 5 LAN in May, EGLX Toronto 2016, which he won as a member of Fatal Ambition alongside Blaze, Burton and Stress. TiZoXiC and Blaze then formed Twisted Fate alongside Sypher and FireBird with the hopes of qualifying for the Summer Pro League, but they were unable to do so. Returning to Fatal Ambition alongside Posey and SwiSh, TiZoXiC finished top 8 in the Open Circuit.

For the Fall Open Circuit, TiZoXiC resurrected Dynasty with the help of Chaser, ROB THE TURTLE and BabyJ. The team took 3rd place in the Open Circuit Finals at ME Las Vegas, narrowly missing out on Relegation, and top 16 in the main tournament.

Going into Worlds season, TiZoXiC joined SetToDestroyX alongside Blaze, Burton and Calm Mentality.

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