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Arkel "Snakey" Brown is an English player for Team Infused. He is well known for his time with Team Vibe and exceL eSports.

Snakey has been competing in Halo since 2014. He is a bartender and is currently studying Accounting in college.

Halo 3

Snakey first started competing during the European Halo 3 competitive revival. He first attended Multiplay Insomnia 51 as a member of Reign alongside Deany, Wardy and Jayo. They won the event, giving Snakey his first ever event win in his first major event. Snakey and Deany then joined forces with Flamez and Snipedrone to represent VwS Gaming at Multiplay Insomnia 52. They won the event, racking up another £600.

Halo 2: Anniversary

The VwS roster stuck together going into the new title. They took a less impressive top 6 placing at both Insomnia 53 and the Gfinity Halo 2: Anniversary LAN Championship. After Gfinity, Flamez and Snakey left VwS to join Insight eSports alongside GodShot and Havoc. They finished 4th at Insomnia 54. Snakey and Flamez would again part ways with their teammates, joining CAZ eSports alongside Vard and Hollers. The roster's only tournament together was the Gamescom Invitational 2015 Halo 5 exhibition tournament, where they finished bottom two out of four teams. Snakey was then reunited with GodShot as CAZ made a roster change, replacing Hollers with Snakey and Flamez' former teammate. The move paid off, with CAZ finishing 2nd at Multiplay Insomnia 55.

Halo 5: Guardians

Prior to Multiplay Insomnia 56, the CAZ roster was acquired by Barrage eSports. They finished 3rd at the event. Shortly after Insomnia 56, the roster changed hands again, now being acquired by exceL eSports and making a roster change, replacing Flamez and Vard with GodShot and Lunny, hoping to qualify for Halo World Championship 2016. They would first have to qualify for the EMEA Regional Finals through the Gfinity UK qualifying circuit. At Halo World Championship Tour: London, exceL finished 4th, failing to earn a spot at Regionals. They then made modifications to the roster, replacing theHavoc and GodShot with Riotz and CreepeazY. The new squad finished 1st in the UK Last Chance Qualifier, earning a spot in the Regional Finals. At Regionals, exceL qualified for Worlds with a strong 2nd place finish. At Worlds, exceL finished top 16, taking home $25,000.

Snakey qualified for HCS Pro League Summer 2016 as a member of Online Warriors alongside Mose, Respectful and Kimbo. Shortly after qualifying, Online Warriors were picked up by U4X eSports. Despite a nearly perfect 6-0 start to the season, U4X released Snakey after Week 3. He joined Team Vibe alongside SeptiQ, Riotz and Lunny shortly after. With Snakey on board, Vibe managed to rise to 4th in the standings, enough to qualify for Finals. At the Finals, they finished 3rd.

During the offseason, Vibe replaced Lunny and Riotz with Snipedrone and Qristola. Vibe's performance improved dramatically with the roster changes, as they finished in 2nd place with a 7-3 record. At the Season Finals, Vibe came out flat in their opening match against Team Infused, losing 4-2. In the Losers' Semifinals, they looked to rebound against PuLse Gaming, but were defeated 4-1 by the strong French squad. This resulted in Vibe finishing 4th.

During the offseason, Snakey and Qristola left Vibe to join Team Infused alongside Phlux and Kimbo. The new Infused's first task was qualifying for Halo World Championship 2017. To do so, they'd need a top 2 finish at Gfinity London 2017. After a narrow 3-2 loss to FAB Games eSports in the Winners' Finals, Infused were upset in a 4-3 loss to Supremacy in the Losers' Finals, resulting in a heartbreaking 3rd place finish. The following week, Infused finished 3rd once again in the Last Chance Qualifier, with Snipedrone having replaced Qristola.

Going into the Summer Pro League, Infused made two major roster changes, with Phlux and Snipedrone being replaced by Batchford and Quadios.

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