Justin "SKHalogod" Mann (usually referred to as simply SK) is a retired player most well known for his time on Triggers Down and The Agency.
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Justin Mann was born on December 23, 1987. He is from Puyallup, Washington.

Halo 2

2005-06: Founding Triggers Down

SK began his Halo career at MLG Seattle 2005 as a founding member of Triggers Down with Andros_is_TALL, inSaNe_SniPeR and ixq1k. SK took 5th at his first event. He then returned with a new Triggers Down lineup featuring Detach, FoSsiK and Solshy at MLG Dallas 2006, placing outside of the top 8. FoSsiK and Solshy were swapped for Neighbor and Toxin for the next two events, where SK and the new Triggers Down lineup would place 5th in Anaheim and 12th in Chicago. SK skipped the next event and returned at the New York Playoffs representing GamerGraffix.com with Neighbor, Toxin and Mimic. The squad placed 10th at the event.

2007: The Agency

SK found consistency in the 2007 season, starting the year off as a member of The Agency alongside ElamiteWarrior, Mackeo and Victory X. This squad placed 3rd in Charlotte, 4th in Meadowlands and 3rd in Dallas before ElamiteWarrior was replaced by Naded. SK and the new Agency squad would close the year out with 3rd in Chicago, 5th in Orlando, 4th at the Las Vegas National Championships and 3rd at the Canadian Open.

Halo 3

2008: Triggers Down 2.0

The Agency broke up after the 2007 season, and SK took the opportunity to reform Triggers Down with FearitSelf, Hysteria and Lowkin. This squad took 4th in Meadowlands, and Lowkin was swapped for SK's Agency teammate Victory X for San Diego, where they finished 3rd. Victory X was then replaced with Snip3down for Orlando, and SK and his new Triggers Down squad all won their first events. Snip3down then left to join Str8 Rippin, leading Triggers Down to pick up Mackeo, with whom they'd finish 6th in Toronto. They then replaced Mackeo with Karma of Carbon and FFA fame, and the new Triggers Down squad won another event, taking 1st place in Dallas. The winning Dallas roster would hit a relatively low note at the Las Vegas National Championships, where they would place 5th.

2009: Triggers Down 3.0

To start off 2009, SK formed a new Triggers Down roster by replacing FearitSelf and Karma with Heinz and iGotUrPistola formerly of Ambush. The new squad hit it off immediately, winning in Meadowlands and placing 2nd in Columbus. They returned to their winning ways in Dallas and stuck with it in Anaheim, placing 1st at both events, narrowly defeating Str8 Rippin in an 11 game series in the Anaheim finals. Triggers Down went into the Orlando National Championships with all the momentum in the world, but ended up placing 5th following a controversial loss against Classic in which Hysteria's Xbox froze, causing a game which Triggers Down had the lead in to be replayed.

2010: Triggers Down to Carbon

SK started off 2010 by replacing Heinz with former teammate Neighbor. The new squad placed 6th in Orlando, leading to one of the most questioned team changes of all time, where SK made the decision to drop iGotUrPistola for Totz. Pistola went on to have immediate success with Final Boss while the new Triggers Down lineup struggled, placing 8th in Columbus. SK finally saw himself leaving Triggers Down after Columbus to join Carbon with Defy, Naded and Walshy. Despite the veteran lineup, they placed 13th in Raleigh, causing Naded to leave and be replaced by Soldier187. This did not help Carbon, as they placed 13th again in D.C.. Despite the poor placings, Carbon managed to qualify for the Dallas National Championships as the 8th seed. At the Championship event, SK and Carbon placed 8th out of 8 teams.

Halo: Reach

SK started off the 2011 Halo: Reach season by again reforming Triggers Down with Best Man, Heinz and Hysteria. The new roster placed 9th in Dallas, leading to Heinz being replaced by Loki. After a 14th place finish in Columbus, Best Man and Loki were replaced with Amish Acorns and Naded for a 15th place finish in Anaheim. SK then left Triggers Down to join Active Rush with Frosty, SneakEBeaver and Aries. They placed 12th in Orlando, and SK was dropped afterwards. SK then formed a team called Jack Bauer with Regicide, SwiftKill and Watch, which placed top 40 in Orlando. His next team, Underground Kings, with Regicide, Minority and ReVamp, would fare no better, with another top 40 placing in the Providence National Championships.

SK found himself with established veterans once again in 2012, reforming The Agency with FearitSelf, Neighbor and Victory X for the MLG Winter Championship 2012. The squad finished in the top 24.

Halo 4

SK attended the MLG Fall Championship 2012 as a member of Reality Check with byHero, Suddoth1 and Suddoth2, earning a top 8 placing, his first since Dallas 2010, in his final event.

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