Rob "SeptiQ" Singleton is an English player and captain of London Conspiracy. He is well known for his time on teams such as Team Vibe and Reality Check among others.
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Rob Singleton was born on the 19th of June, 1994. From Cumbria, England. He began playing Halo during Halo 2 in 2006, and started attending live tournaments in 2011 during Halo: Reach.

Halo: Reach

SeptiQ began his competitive career during Halo: Reach, attending EGL4 London on team Diabulus, placing 18th. Soon after he formed team Infinitus alongside Flameshy, Valadan and FluXy, they go on to place 8th at EGL5 Blackpool.The following event he would place 6th at EGL7 Blackpool alongside FluXy, Jonspen and Struj as Strive.

Halo 4

His career begin to kick off as he started the first Halo 4 event with a 3rd place finish at ReflexGT Winter Championship alongside Hybrid, Zyruz and Blackout as they play under Total eSports Circuit. The next event his team would replace Blackout with Ninja, after he expressed interest in attending a European event. They would go on to play as TEC Vibe at EGL9 Blackpool and defeat current defending European Champions High Society 6-2 in the Grand Finals. Later that year, he had qualified online for the Halo 4 Global Championships, losing to two Grand Finalists Formal and Enable to fall short on advancing to the next round, finishing 33rd-62nd. Insomnia 50 would be the next event in which he would team up with Jimbo and Redbull Pro Players Flamesword and Enable as they play under Status Quo. He'd go on to play High Society in the Grand Finals beating them 6-2, taking 1st place.

Halo 2: Anniversary

He would attend the ESL Gamescom Showdown 2014 with Zyruz, Hybrid and Brightside under Team Vibe, losing in the early rounds and finishing 5th-8th. With the release of The Master Chief Collection he formed a new Team Vibe squad consisting of Fragby, Fuzion and BlackJack to compete at Insomnia 53, placing 2nd after losing to TCM Gaming 6-4 in the Grand Finals. One week later would be the Gfinity Halo 2: Anniversary LAN Championship, where his team would change organisations and play under London Conspiracy, losing 6-5 to TCM Gaming in the Grand Finals and placing 2nd. The next event would take place in London for EGL Battle of Europe 2015, with his team consisting of Chalkie, Ramirez and BlackJack as they play under Team Vibe. Qualifying online as the 3rd seed, the team doesn't lose a series and beats TCM Gaming in the grand finals 6-2 to take the first place prize of €10,000 and qualifies for the wildcard spot at HCS Season 1 Finals. At the HCS Season 1 Finals TGN Vibe lose to Noble Black 3-1, failing to break into the main bracket and finishing 9th place.

On March 11, 2015, Septic declared his free agent status for North American teams on Twitter, confirming that he had left Vibe. On April 2nd, it was announced that he had joined Team XENEX with Fuzion, TuFoxy and Riotz. Team XENEX went on to win Insomnia 54, and Septic left shortly after, with Suddoth1 confirming that he had joined Reality Check alongside Suddoth1, Suddoth2 and Burton.

His first event on Reality Check would be Iron Games Atlanta 2015, where they'd lose to Cloud 9 in the Winners Bracket and Winterfox in the Losers Bracket, finishing 9th-12th. With Burton leaving the team after the event, they picked up Domey and go on to compete at HCS Indianapolis. The team would lose a close series against Team Liquid in the Winners Bracket and fall into the Losers Backet to play Counter Logic Gaming, losing that series and placing 9th-12th.

Halo 5: Guardians

SeptiQ started Halo 5 off teaming with Fuzion, Respectful and Mose as they play under Team Vibe, before being picked up by Team Dignitas on January 12th 2016. They go on the place second at Gfinity Halo World Championship UK Finals 2016 and qualifying for the Halo World Championship EMEA Regional Finals 2016. At Regionals, Dignitas were unexpectedly ousted from the tournament in the bottom 8, failing to qualify for Worlds.

SeptiQ did not compete again until midway through the Summer 2016 Pro League Regular Season, when he joined team Realist Tins alongside Riotz, Ramirez and Lunny. The team soon joined the Team Vibe organization and improved in the standings. After replacing Ramirez with Snakey, they continued improving, rising to 4th, enough to qualify for the Season Finals. At the Finals, Vibe finished 3rd.

During the offseason, Vibe replaced Lunny and Riotz with Snipedrone and Qristola. Vibe's performance improved dramatically with the roster changes, as they finished in 2nd place with a 7-3 record. At the Season Finals, Vibe came out flat in their opening match against Team Infused, losing 4-2. In the Losers' Semifinals, they looked to rebound against PuLse Gaming, but were defeated 4-1 by the strong French squad. This resulted in Vibe finishing 4th.

During the offseason, the Vibe roster was completely retooled as SeptiQ recruited Lunny, Ramirez and Batchford, acquiring the seed formerly belonging to VwS Gaming. On February 13, the Vibe roster was acquired by London Conspiracy for the second time in history. London Conspiracy looked to qualify for Halo World Championship 2017 with a top 2 finish at Gfinity London 2017, but were unable to after a 3-0 loss to Supremacy sent them home with a top 6 finish. After Gfinity London, Batchford left the team and was replaced by Qristola. The new roster was able to finish 1st in the Last Chance Qualifier and qualify for Worlds. At Worlds, London Conspiracy finished in the top 12 after losses to Luminosity Gaming, Team Liquid and TMMT Crowd Pleasers.

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