Devon "PreDevoNatoR" Layton is an American player for Elevate. He is well known for his time with Denial eSports, Evil Geniuses, and Team Allegiance.

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Devon initially joined Noble eSports alongside ContrA, Rayne and Penguin to start off Halo 5, but he and ContrA soon left the team in favor of forming Disobey alongside bubu dubu and Huke. The team was soon picked up by Denial eSports and qualified for the HWC NA Regional Finals as the 11th seed. At Regionals, Denial upset 6th seeded, Team EnVyUs, 4th seeded Team Liquid and 1st seeded Team Allegiance, making it all the way to the finals before losing a 4-2 series to Counter Logic Gaming and finishing 2nd. It was Devon's (and his teammates') first major event grand final. Denial qualified for Halo World Championship 2016 through their performance.

On April 22nd 2016, it was announced that Devon and Contra were leaving Denial to join Goofy and Ryanoob and form the new Team Allegiance roster. The team successfully qualified for the Summer 2016 Pro League at the Summer Qualifier, placing 2nd in their group. After posting an unimpressive 1-5 record over the first three weeks, Allegiance replaced Goofy with Heinz. Though Heinz helped improve the team's standing, they were unable to close the deficit, and ended up finishing 6th, just enough to qualify for the Fall Season but not enough to qualify for the Summer Finals.

Allegiance made changes in the offseason, replacing Heinz and RyaNoob with Falcated and Shooter. After a poor start to the season, Shooter made the untimely decision to leave the team, leaving them unable to compete at HCS Orange County 2016. Allegiance then finalized its roster, picking up Str8 SicK from the Open Circuit. Their fortunes did not improve, as they ultimately finished in 8th place with a 3-11 record, facing Relegation. At HCS Las Vegas 2016, a different Team Allegiance showed up, defeating multiple pro teams and finishing 3rd overall. At Relegation, Allegiance lost to Enigma6 Group but were able to defeat The MoneyMatches Team and 3sUP to save their spot.

On January 12th, Devon was released from Team Allegiance to join Evil Geniuses alongside ContrA, Roy and Lunchbox. The new roster's first event together was UGC St. Louis 2017, and they went into the event with high expectations due to their combined LAN pedigree. Unfortunately for EG, they were knocked out of the event by Inconceivable and eventual runners-up Team Liquid, finishing in the top 6. On February 23rd, Devon was released from EG following a series of mediocre online qualifier results. Shortly after, he joined 3sUP alongside Nemassist, MoNsTcR and Rammyy. The team's first event together was ME Las Vegas 2017, where they placed top 12, not enough to qualify for Worlds.

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