Tom Ryan and his twin brother Dan Ryan were born on August 3rd, 1986. They are from Pickerington, Ohio.

Tom "OGRE2" Ryan is an American former player and current coach for Evil Geniuses. He is the most successful player in competitive Halo history, having maintained a steadily successful career from 2003 to 2015, winning over 40 major events in the process. Alongside his brother Dan (OGRE1), he played on dominant teams such as Shoot to KillTeam 3D and Final Boss throughout most of Halo's tenure on the MLG Pro Circuit. Despite his brother's retirement in 2009, OGRE2's success continued, first on Final Boss, and later on Instinct and Counter Logic Gaming. He has retired from competitive Halo twice - once in 2013 and once in 2016.

Outside of Halo, OGRE2 has competed in other console esports including Shadowrunand Call of Duty.

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Halo: CE

OGRE2's competitive roots in Halo begin with the StK (Shoot to Kill) clan on Xbox Connect, where he and his brother OGRE1 made names for themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

In early 2003, OGRE2 attended his first major tournament at Halo50k in Atlanta as a member of StK with OGRE1, Strangepurple and Dom1nator. StK placed 2nd at this event, losing to TDT (The Dream Team). OGRE2's next tournament was the iGames Nationals, at which he and OGRE1 participated in the 2v2 competition. They placed 1st. StK then attended Halo50k2 with Cyrax in place of Dom1nator in New Jersey and won, defeating TDT and winning their first major 4v4 tournament. At AGP 3, StK attended with Clockwork replacing Cyrax. StK again bested TDT, winning an intense 11 game series to close out 2003 on top.

To start off 2004, StK attended MLG Philadelphia 2004 and took first place in the 4v4. At the only ever major 3v3 Halo event, MLG Dallas 2004, StK minus Clockwork placed 1st. StK then attended MLG Chicago 2004 with Saiyanreplacing Clockwork, and lost to the newly formed Team FFA, composed of individually skilled players and put together solely to defeat the dominant StK. Shortly after Chicago, Clockwork returned to StK, replacing Strangepurple, and the squad attended MLG Atlanta 2004, where they were defeated in a very close series by FFA. After being dissatisfied with back-to-back 2nd place performances, the OGRE twins formed Domination, a roster consisting of OGRE1 and OGRE2, alongside KillerN and Walshy from FFA. This squad saw immediate success, winning at MLG Seattle 2004. Domination then took 3 MLG events off to compete at AGP 5 and AGP 6. Domination won both of these events. The squad then returned to MLG for the MLG New York National Championships 2004, where they defeated the Filthy Jackalopes in the finals to be crowned the first ever Halo National Champions.

Halo 2

For the beginning of the 2005 season, Domination replaced KillerN with former StK member Saiyan, and changed their name back to StK. This lineup would be highly successful, placing 1st at MLG D.C.MLG San FranciscoAGP7 D.C.MLG Houston and MLG Orlando. After Orlando, StK gained a sponsorship from 3D, and changed its name to Team 3D. The renamed team went on to win MLG St. Louis and CPL Dallas. At MLG Philadelphia, Team 3D was finally defeated by Str8 Rippin. This was a controversial event, as only Team Slayer gametypes were played in the 4v4 Halo 2 competition. While 3D lost the Halo 2 4v4, they won the Halo: CE 2v2 and 4v4s at the same event.

Following MLG Philadelphia, Team 3D skipped the next few MLG events to participate in the 2005 World Cyber Games 2v2 tournament. OGRE1 and OGRE2 defeated their 4v4 teammates Walshy and Saiyan in the finals. They then attended the WCG Finals in Singapore, where the Ogres won the 2v2 tournament. Following this, Team 3D returned to MLG, taking 1st place in Los AngelesAtlanta and Chicago, before closing the year out by winning the 2005 MLG New York National Championships.

The Team 3D roster returned for the 2006 MLG season under a new name - Final Boss. They started the year off as dominant as ever, taking 1st in New YorkDallasAnaheim and Chicago. However, a contender for the throne was emerging. Carbon, consisting of Shockwav3GandhiStrongside and Karma, had placed 3rd at three of the previous four events, and 2nd at the other, and were ready to break out. After swapping out Strongside for GH057ayame, Carbon finally topped Final Boss at MLG Orlando, and they weren't looking back from there. Carbon would go on to defeat Final Boss in the MLG New York Playoffs and the 2006 MLG Las Vegas National Championships, ending OGRE2 and Final Boss's year on a less dominant note.

OGRE2 and Final Boss returned for the 2007 MLG season with a new roster, having replaced the underperforming Saiyan with former Carbon member StrongSide. StrongSide would breathe new life onto Final Boss, and they stormed out of the gates, taking 1st place at MLG Charlotte and MLG Meadowlands, defeating Carbon in the finals of each. Carbon would strike back at MLG Dallas, defeating Final Boss in the finals, but Final Boss answered back with another 1st place finish at MLG Chicago, while Carbon finished 4th. Final Boss was defeated by Str8 Rippin in the finals at MLG Orlando, but OGRE2 and Final Boss returned to commanding form at the 2007 MLG Las Vegas National Championships, where they defeated Carbon in the finals to win the $100,000 grand prize and cement themselves as Halo 2 legends. OGRE2 was named the Boost Mobile MVP for the 2007 season.

Halo 3

The Final Boss season started out promising when they placed 1st at the MLG Meadowlands opener. Unfortunately, the team then placed 7th and 5th and they parted ways with long-time member Walshy in favor of Neighbor. This team change wouldn't fare well for OGRE2 and Final Boss, as Walshy would outplace them at MLG Torontoand the 2008 MLG Las Vegas National Championships. Final Boss finished the year with a disappointing 4th place at Nationals.

When 2009 started, OGRE2 was the only remaining member of Final Boss who had played for them prior to 2009, with OGRE1, StrongSide and Neighbor all leaving, and being replaced by MackeoFearitSelf and Victory X. No Final Boss lineup lasted more than two events in 2009, and they finished off 2009 with a placing of 8th at the 2009 MLG Orlando National Championships. Their highest placing in 2009 was 3rd, in Columbus.

OGRE2 and Final Boss started off 2010 with a roster of OGRE2, FearitSelf, Victory X and Totz. This lineup took 3rd place at the MLG Orlando season opener. Following Orlando, Final Boss made a huge team change, replacing Totz with iGotUrPistola, who had recently had huge success with Triggers Down. While the lineup would take 2nd at MLG Columbus, they went on to win the final three events of the year, including the 2010 MLG Dallas National Championships, ending the Halo 3 era as the only team to win three consecutive events.

Halo: Reach

At the 2011 season opener, MLG Dallas, the returning Final Boss roster placed 10th, the worst placing OGRE2 and Final Boss had ever experienced. Following this, OGRE2 and iGotUrPistola left Final Boss and joined Instinct with Lunchbox and Roy. This roster was dubbed by fans and casters as "the God Squad". They went on to win 3 of the 5 remaining events of the season, including the 2011 MLG Providence National Championships.

OGRE2 and Instinct returned for the first (and only) MLG Halo: Reach event in 2012 - the 2012 MLG Winter Championship in Columbus. They made it to the grand finals, where they were bested by Status Quo in a close series.

The Instinct roster would attend one more Reach event - AGL 2 Columbus, where they took 1st place. They also won a Halo 2 tournament at the same event.

Halo 4

OGRE2 attended only one Halo 4 event - the 2012 MLG Fall Championship, where he and Instinct placed top 12. He took a hiatus from competing in Halo and then moved over to Call of Duty: Ghosts. His team failed to qualify for Call of Duty Championship 2014 and he then retired from competing in eSports as a whole afterwards.

Halo 2: Anniversary

OGRE2 came out of retirement by returning to professional Halo and starting off Halo 2: Anniversary by reforming StK with HeinzSnakeBite, and Royal2. They placed 3rd at the ESL MCC Launch Invitational. Following the invitational, StK was signed by eSports franchise Counter Logic Gaming, and took on their name. CLG won the first LAN event of the season, Iron Games Columbus 2014, but placed 2nd at UGC St. Louis 2015Gamers For Giving 2015 and the season finals at PAX East 2015. Between Gamers For Giving and PAX, OGRE2 moved into the CLG team house.

CLG underwent a roster change during the offseason, swapping out Heinz for Cloud. At Iron Games Atlanta 2015, CLG finished 5th, being eliminated by Winterfox after being knocked out of the Winners' Bracket by EG. CLG returned to the top 2 at HCS Indianapolis, staging a dramatic loser's bracket run after being knocked out early by Cloud9, but were once again defeated by Evil Geniuses in the finals. At the HCS Season 2 Finals, CLG made it to the Grand Finals and managed to take a series off EG, but could not defeat them in the extended series and finished second.

Halo 5: Guardians

CLG made a roster change early in the Halo 5 lifespan, replacing Cloud with Frosty. After four Halo World Championship 2016 NA Qualifying cups together, the remaining members of CLG parted ways with OGRE2, marking the first time he had ever been "dropped" from a team. He joined Team EnVyUs a short time later alongside MikwenArkanum, and frequent teammate iGotUrPistola. Team EnVyUs finished top 16 at the NA Regional Finals, failing to qualify for Worlds. OGRE2 then parted ways with Team EnVyUs during the post-worlds rostermania.

After his short stint on EnVyUs, OGRE2 joined Denial eSports alongside SeduceArkanum, and Nemassist for the HCS Pro League online qualifiers. They failed to qualify for the Pro League at the Summer Qualifier, finishing 4th in their group. In the weeks following the event, Denial broke up, with Arkanum taking a hiatus from competing and Nemassist leaving for Soul eSports Red. On May 21st, OGRE2 announced his (second) retirement from Halo competition on Twitter, presumably capping off his legendary career of over 13 years.

Shortly after his retirement, OGRE2 revealed his intentions to stay active in the esports scene, particularly in Halo, though he did not specify in what regard. He casted the online Pro League Preview Tournament alongside Goldenboy and Walshy in his first full-time casting gig. In August 2016, he joined Evil Geniuses as a remote analyst. During the qualifying stages for Halo World Championship 2017, OGRE2 briefly came out of retirement, forming a team dubbed by the fans as "2gre's Daycare" with young players SaiyanShotzzy and Articc. Eventually, Shotzzy and Saiyan left for other opportunities, and the team folded.

On February 23rd, OGRE2 officially came out of retirement, leaving his position as EG's analyst to take a spot on the active roster alongside RoyLunchbox and ContrA. His first event with EG was ME Las Vegas 2017, where they finished in the top 12 after losses to Team CryptiK and Splyce. The following week, OGRE2 and Evil Geniuses had one more shot to qualify through the Last Chance Qualifier, but they finished 3rd after losses to the same two teams.

During the offseason, EG made changes to its roster, initially leaving OGRE2 on the sidelines. After UMG Daytona, Towey stepped down as coach and OGRE2 took over the position as head coach of a roster now consisting of Roy, Lunchbox, Falcated and Tapping Buttons.

Extra Info
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  • He holds the record for most major tournament wins in Halo and console esports with 40.
  • He has won at least one event with six different teams: Shoot to Kill, Domination, Team 3D, Final Boss, Instinct, and Counter Logic Gaming.
  • He is often referred to by fans as the "GOAT" (Greatest OAll Time).
  • He won the final championship event in Halo: CEHalo 2Halo 3 and Halo: ReachHalo 4 did not have an equivalent event, so his streak was broken when he failed to win the HCS Season 2 Finals to close out Halo 2: Anniversary with a win.
  • He is one of only two players with major event wins in 5 separate Halo games (Halo: CEHalo 2Halo 3Halo: Reach and Halo 2: Anniversary), the other being iGotUrPistola.
  • He has retired from Halo esports twice.

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