Chance "MoNsTcR" Duncan is an American player for 3sUP, well known for his time with teams such as OverDrive and Hot Shots.
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Halo 5: Guardians

After competing in a series of online qualifiers and failing to qualify for the Halo World Championship NA Regional Finals 2016, MoNsTcR joined the qualified OverDrive alongside Vetoed, Kephrii and KingNick. They finished top 16 at the event, failing to qualify for Halo World Championship 2016.

After Worlds, MoNsTcR did not attempt to qualify for the Summer 2016 HCS Pro League, but immediately began competing in the Open Circuit as part of team OnlyGoodOnline alongside Prototype, Chaser and MuNoZ. After consistently strong results throughout the Open Circuit season, OnlyGoodOnline was signed by esports organization 3sUP in time for the Open Circuit Finals. After a very narrow loss to Denial eSports, a team they had formed a rivalry with over the course of the season, 3sUP's last chance to qualify for Relegation was defeating Team eLevate in the Losers' Finals. Unfortunately, network issues forced 3sUP to forfeit the match.

3sUP made roster changes during the offseason, replacing Chaser with Rammyy. After solidifying themselves as a top team in the Fall Open Circuit, 3sUP attended HCS Orange County 2016 with the intent of qualifying for the Open Circuit Finals at HCS Las Vegas 2016. They did what they needed to do, finishing top 8. Prior to Vegas, 3sUP replaced MuNoZ with rising star Renegade. At the event, 3sUP finished 1st in the Open Circuit Finals, qualifying for Relegation. In the Championship Bracket, 3sUP made a statement when they beat Enigma6 Group, a team they would be facing at Relegation, 3-2. They finished top 6 overall at the event. At Relegation, 3sUP were chosen by Enigma6 Group as their first round opponents. In an extremely close match, 3sUP were defeated 4-3. 3sUP then defeated The MoneyMatches Team to earn another shot at qualifying, but could not take more than two games against Team Allegiance.

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