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Halo CE

Chris "Gintron" Ginter was primarily known for his dominant pistol shot. Gintron started his Professional Halo career at MLG Dallas 2004 with a 3rd place performance. His teammates for the all 3v3 tournaments were Killer and Tsquared. He then went on to join Team FFA with KillerN, Walshy and Zyos. Team FFA won MLG Chicago 2004 and MLG Atlanta 2004. Gintron found himself back on Florida Jackalopes with Toxin, Tupac and Zyos, where they placed 2nd at the MLG New York 2004 National Championships. After the 2004 season, Gintron retired from Professional Gaming.

Halo 2

Gintron made a brief return for Halo 2 at MLG Orlando 2005 where he placed 7th. His team, SapiencE, consisted of Sapient, Krakalaka and Eddie101.

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