Scott "Gandhi" Lussier is a retired player and eSports caster who is most well known for his time on Carbon and for his time as an MLG caster. He is currently a prominent figure in the Smite community.
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Halo 2

Scott "Gandhi" Lussier started his Professional Gaming career with a 7th place finish at the MLG D.C. 2005 Opener. The Legendz roster consisted of Defy, Mack and Vash. Gandhi changed teams from event to event and found 2 wins at MLG Nashville 2005 and MLG Seattle 2005 with IGS, which soon formed into team Carbon. He placed 2nd at the MLG New York City 2005 National Championship with Karma, Strongside and Shockwave. In 2006, Carbon formed and they won the final 3 events of the season. This includes a victory over Final Boss at the MLG Las Vegas 2006 National Championship. The Carbon roster was Ghostayame, Karma, Shockwave and coach TripleX. Gandhi continued a number of top 4 finishes in 2007. His highest placing was 1st at MLG Dallas 2007 with Carbon. This victory was his 6th and final major tournament win.

Halo 3

Carbon placed a respectable 6th and 4th to start the 2008 season. After MLG San Diego 2008 the roster of 2 years changed. Gandhi formed a Legendz team with Bestman, Defy and Fear for MLG Orlando 2008. His best placing after the Carbon era was 8th and it came at the MLG Las Vegas 2008 National Championship.


Gandhi (far right) on the MLG casting team alongside Puckett and Shockwav3.

After retiring as a Halo player, Gandhi became a caster for MLG, often working alongside Chris Puckett and later, former teammate Shockwav3. He casted for MLG from 2009-2012, and for AGL from 2012-2013.

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