Peter "Foulacy" Dietrich is a retired player most notable for his time with Str8 Rippin.
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Halo: CE

Foulacy started off his Halo career at MLG San Francisco 2004. His team, PA All Stars, had an impressive 4th place showing. The squad consisted of Comet, FecesSlinger and longtime teammate AYBFonzi.

Halo 2

Foulacy had an impressive start to his first season of Halo 2, with a 4th place performance at the MLG Washington, D.C. 2005 opener. His team, Str8 Rippin, consisted of Fonzi, SadPanda and Synergy. With Karma replacing SadPanda, Foulacy and Str8 Rippin had their first money finish at MLG San Francisco 2005, placing 3rd. They repeated the placing at the next three events in Houston, Orlando and St. Louis each with a differing roster. Fonzi and Str8 Rippin won their first event at MLG Philadelphia 2005, where the roster of Fonzi, Foulacy, Tsquared and Zyos dethroned the dominant Team 3D squad. Following the big win, Str8 Rippin earned a sponsorship from TrademarkGamers. Foulacy and co. attended MLG Las Vegas next, where they again finished 1st. Following this, they experienced three straight 2nd place finishes, all losses to Team 3D, at VGL Nationals 2005, MLG Los Angeles 2005 and MLG Atlanta 2005. Foulacy and his team parted ways with the TrademarkGamers company after Atlanta and returned to the name Str8 Rippin. For the MLG New York National Championships, Foulacy and Fonzi decided to team with Cpt Anarchy and Tupac. They finished 3rd at the event.

Str8 Rippin kicked off the 2006 season with a roster of Foulacy, Fonzi, Tsquared and Defy. They finished 2nd at the first two events of the season, New York and Dallas, both times being defeated in the finals by Final Boss (formerly Team 3D). Str8's placing slipped in Anaheim where they finished 3rd, and fell further in Chicago, where Foulacy experienced a career-low placing at the time of 7th place. Defy parted ways with the team after this and was replaced by Cpt Anarchy. This brought the team back to 3rd place at MLG Orlando. They repeated 3rd placings in the two big money events of the season - the New York Playoffs and the Las Vegas National Championships, where Foulacy won his highest ever team prize - $30,000.

During the offseason, Str8 Rippin were signed to a contract worth over $1,000,000 USD. Shortly after, they made an unexpected roster change, replacing Foulacy's longtime teammate and founding Str8 Rippin member Fonzi, along with Cpt Anarchy, with Legit and Naded formerly of Storm Ventures. This roster went into MLG Charlotte 2007 with a lot of hype and ended up finishing 5th. Legit and Naded both left after the event, citing higher expectations. As a result, Str8 was forced to recruit last minute replacements in Neighbor and BigTimer for Meadowlands. The new roster finished 11th, Foulacy's first double digit placing. After Meadowlands, Foulacy found himself off Str8 Rippin for the first time since Halo 2 began, joining Nice Like Rice alongside LegendJRG, Ray and Pyrocy. At MLG Dallas, NLR finished 5th, outplacing the new Str8 Rippin in the process. Unfortunately, their success would not last, as they returned at the following event in Chicago and finished 15th. Foulacy found a new team after Chicago, reuniting with AYBFonzi alongside Xtrem1st and Smoltz on Perfect Storm. They finished 8th at MLG Orlando, but could not crack the top 8 at the Las Vegas National Championships, closing out Halo 2 with a 12th place finish.

Halo 3

Foulacy attended MLG Meadowlands 2008 with The Influence alongside Demon D, TwYLighT and TalenT. They finished 11th. He returned to the top 8 as a member of Fatal Images alongside Naded, TiZoXiC and Severince at MLG San Diego 2008. Foulacy decided to go out on a somewhat high note, retiring after San Diego.

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