Andrés "FarreL" White is the captain and founder of Legacy eSports. He is one of the most recognized Halo players in Latin America, particularly in Colombia.
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Andrés White was born on March 15, 1995 in Bogotá, Colombia. At one point, he lived in California, and he now resides in Florida. He started gaming as a hobby, and eventually became a Halo coach before transitioning into a competitive player. Though he currently lives in the US, he competes in the LATAM (Latin America & Mexico) region with his team - Legacy eSports.

Farrel began playing Halo 2 in 2006, participating in LANs with his friends and neighbors. Due to a lack of competitive Halo support in Colombia, he never got to attend major tournaments for Halo 2. With the arrival of Halo 3, Farrel invested himself in the MLG matchmaking playlist, eventually reaching the coveted rank 50.

Halo: Reach

Farrel broke out as a competitive player in Halo: Reach, attending local tournaments and, according to him, never placing below 1st at a tournament which he was able to attend. In 2012, Farrel founded Legacy eSports with Akatsuki, Walking and Affliction. Farrel received international attention around this time as he occupied a high spot on the Halotracker MLG Halo: Reach leaderboards.

Halo 4

Farrel did not compete as much in Halo 4, only participating in an online tournament in which his team took 3rd place.

Halo 5

Farrel plans to participate in the Halo World Championship 2016 LATAM regional qualifiers, with the hopes of qualifying for the $2,000,000 prize pool event. He plans to compete as part of Legacy eSports.

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