Kyle "Elamite" Elam, known as "ElamiteWarrior" while competing, is a retired American player, former coach and current caster. He is well known for his time on Str8 Rippin and Instinct, and for his victory at the Halo 3 US Championship, where he won $50,000. He holds the distinction of being the most successful Halo 3 player, with more tournament wins in Halo 3 than any other player (7) including the 2008 MLG National Championship.
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Kyle Elam was born on February 25, 1988. He is from Florence, Kentucky. His younger brother Aaron is a professional Halo player who goes by the name of AcE.

Halo 2

ElamiteWarrior made his Professional Gaming debut, placing top 12, at MLG Las Vegas 2005. His team, Badtach, consisted of Blonde, Suffer and Strongside. In 2006, Elamite continued a consistent placing of top 8 finishes but didn't compete in the MLG Las Vegas 2006 National Championship. He joined The Agency to start the 2007 season with Mackeo, SK and Victory X. The Agency had it's highest placing at MLG Dallas 2007 finishing in 3rd place. Elamite joined Str8 Rippin for MLG Chicago 2007. Str8 Rippin consisted of Legit, Neighbor and Tsquared. This roster went on to have 7 straight top 5 finishes, including 2 victories at MLG Orlando 2007 and MLG San Diego 2008.

Halo 3

Elamite won the Halo 3 US Championship FFA Tournament for $50,000, beating out a handful of top pros. He continued his dominance on Str8 Rippin going into the 2008 season. However, after a 2nd place performance at MLG Orlando 2008, Snipedown replaced Neighbor on Str8 Rippin. ElamiteWarrior went on to win the next event at MLG Toronto 2008 and eventually the MLG Las Vegas 2008 National Championship. Elamite and Str8 Rippin continued to have a series of solid performances in 2009. His highest placing came at MLG Columbus 2009 but they fell short of a championship repeat at the MLG Orlando 2009 National Championship. In 2010, Elamite joined Instinct for the remaineder of the season. This resulted in back-to-back wins at the MLG Orlando 2010 Opener and MLG Columbus 2010. The roster featuring Cloud, Lunchbox and Roy finished the season in 3rd place, at the MLG Dallas 2010 National Championship.

Halo Reach

ElamiteWarrior started the 2011 season off with Warriors. His highest placing, 4th, came at the MLG Dallas 2011 Opener. The roster featured Robbie B, Snakebite and Strongside.

Halo 2 Anniversary

HCS Season 1

Elamite coached OpTic Gaming for the majority of HCS Season 1. OpTic's highest placing in the season was 3rd at the Iron Gaming Columbus 2014 event with a roster of Ace, Assault, ContrA and captain Flamesword.

HCS Season 2

Elamite returned to coaching in Season 2, when on May 14th, 2015, he was announced as the coach for Team Liquid's team of Ninja, Aries, Shooter and Spartan.

Halo 5

While remaining Liquid's coach, Elamite returned to competing when he formed the temporary Liquid Vibe team with Ace, LegendPimps and Legit for Iron Games Daytona 2015. During the event weekend, Legit was attacked outside the venue, leaving him unable to compete for Sunday. The team recruited Clutch as a replacement and ended up finishing in the top 8.


Elamite retired after Daytona 2015, eventually earning a full-time position as a caster for Halo Championship Series events alongside Tsquared.

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