Daniel "DEMON D" Yakovleff is an American player for Believe the Hype. He is well known for his history with the team, having won the 2009 MLG National Championship as a member.
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Halo 3

Demon D started his MLG career off with a top 12 finish at Meadowlands. The roster consisted of Foulacy, Talent and Twylight. He found success when he joined Believe the Hype and placed 3rd at Meadowlands, which was the opening event. Teammate Cypher was replaced by Soviet and eventually by Maniac. The Believe the Hype roster of Cloud, Clutch and Maniac took 1st place at the MLG Orlando 2009 National Championships. This was the first major tournament win for all 4 members of Believe the Hype and Demon D's only MLG tournament win. Believe the Hype floated around the top 6 for a majority of 2010 but couldn't put together another run to the finals.

Halo Reach

Demon D attended the Raleigh event with the line-up consisting of Brake, Chaser and NocternalKernal. His only placing in Halo Reach ended up being a top 24 performance. Demon D retired from professional gaming shortly after 2011.

Halo 5: Guardians

On December 19th, 2016, Demon D announced he had joined the recently formed Real Fear Gaming alongside Kaiss, Eli Elite, and SORR3LL.

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