Dustin "Darkman" Langton is a retired player well known for his time with The Dream Team and for his victory at the Halo National Championship. He is often considered to be the first professional Halo player.
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Halo: CE

Entering competitive Halo in its infancy, Darkman is considered by many to be the first elite player. Darkman attended the first major Halo event, the Halo National Championship, where he placed 1st and won an Xbox with four controllers, eleven games, a DVD remote, BOSE sound system and a 50 inch plasma monitor. He dominated the competition at the event, standing out as the only player using the Magnum to its full potential in the primitive settings. He then formed The Dream Team with Chumpp, Dagel and Shizz and attended the first major 4v4 Halo event, AGP 1, placing 1st in the 4v4 with his team as well as the FFA. Darkman then made some changes to the Dream Team roster, swapping out Chumpp and Dagel for Alex and Zyos. The new squad attended AGP 2, where they again won the 4v4 and Darkman again won the FFA competition. Darkman and the Dream Team returned unchanged at the Halo50k, and won the FFA and 4v4 events, respectively, but Darkman and Shizz were bested in the 2v2, finishing top 4. Darkman then attended the iGames Nationals where he finished 5th in the FFA. Darkman and The Dream Team returned to 4v4 action at Halo50k2, where they were finally bested by the Shoot to Kill squad of Ogre1, Ogre2, Cyrax and Strangepurple.

It was around this time that Darkman and The Dream Team were signed to contracts by MLG, becoming the first contracted pro gamers for MLG. They attended the inaugural event, MLG New York 2004, and won, with Darkman placing 2nd in the FFA, losing in the finals to teammate Zyos. Darkman and his team then attended AGP 3, where they finished an uncharacteristic top 8 in the 4v4, and Darkman finished 2nd in the FFA, losing to Walshy in the final. At the Halo Nationals, Darkman and Alex teamed with Killer and Dargon as MoZ, finishing in the top 8. The same roster, minus Killer, returned for the 3v3 tournament at MLG Dallas, again finishing 5-8th. Darkman returned at AGP 4 with a new Dream Team roster consisting of himself, Alex, Clockwork and Saiyan. The new squad won the event, with Darkman and Alex defeating former teammates Zyos and Shizz of Amazing Pickles in the finals. Darkman then returned to MLG at MLG Chicago, finishing in the top 8 with a squad including Alex, Dargon1 and Sergio. He took the next event off, and returned at MLG Seattle as a member of team Ummm with Alex, Strangepurple and NistiC. They finished 2nd, losing to the Domination squad of Ogre1, Ogre2, KillerN and Walshy in the finals. He took another mid-season hiatus and returned at MLG Los Angeles as a member of MVP's Unite alongside Clockwork, Mighty and Zyos. They finished 2nd in the 4v4, losing to the Business Decision squad of NistiC, Saiyan, Sergio and Strangepurple. Darkman finished 2nd in the FFA, his highest placing since AGP 3.

Darkman skipped the next event in Boston and returned with a new The Dream Team roster of himself, Alex, Tsquared and Slim for the MLG New York National Championships. The new squad finished 4th in the 4v4 and Darkman finished 10th in the FFA. He retired shortly after the event, never venturing into competition for any of the Halo sequels.

Though he retired from major tournaments, Darkman was known to compete in minor Halo: CE tournaments as late as 2007.

Darkman (left) with Alex, ShooK on3 and Smoman at a Halo: CE tournament in 2007. Darkman (left) with Tsquared at the MLG Fall Championship 2012 event.
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