Dan "Danoxide" Terlizzi is an American player for Elevate. He is well known for his time on teams such as Team Liquid, Luminosity Gaming and Crowd Pleasers.

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Danoxide is from Staten Island, New York.

Halo 5: Guardians

Danoxide emerged on the scene in late 2015, competing in the Halo World Championship NA Regional Finals 2016 online qualifying series. Eventually landing on team Triggers Pound alongside Cloud, Hysteria and Assault hours before roster lock, his team managed to qualify for the Regional Finals. At Regionals, Triggers Pound were able to secure a spot at Halo World Championship 2016 with a top 8 finish. Prior to Worlds, Triggers Pound were signed by Cloud9. At Worlds, Cloud9 were upset in their group by the European Epsilon eSports, leading to their finishing below 2nd in their group and being the only North American team at the event to not make it out of its group.

Following Worlds, Danoxide left Cloud9 and eventually found himself on Team eLevate alongside Heinz, Randa and Swift Kill. After a failed attempt to qualify for Pro League, eLevate replaced Swift Kill with Falcated and began competing in the Open Circuit. In the midst of the Open Circuit season, Danoxide joined Team Liquid alongside Spartan, Eco and StelluR as an emergency sub, replacing Assault. The new roster would end up finishing 2-12, good enough for only 7th place. At Relegation, Liquid were able to keep their spot by finishing 1st.

After the season concluded, Spartan and StelluR left the team to seek other opportunities, leaving Eco and Danoxide with the Team Liquid seed. They eventually recruited Naded and eL TowN. As Team Liquid had opted to part ways with Eco and Danoxide in favor of a new team, the roster found a new home under Luminosity Gaming. Luminosity had an up and down Fall Season, having impressive showings against the strongest of teams. After some struggles, they replaced Eco with Victory X. Luminosity ended up just missing out on qualifying for the Season Finals in the final week, finishing with a 6-8 record good enough for 5th place.

On December 29th, during the offseason, Danoxide left Luminosity and joined the newly formed Problem Solvers alongside Spartan, Suspector and Commonly. On January 13th, the Problem Solvers roster was acquired by Team Allegiance. Shortly after a top 8 finish at UGC St. Louis 2017, Danoxide announced his release from Allegiance on Twitter. He reunited with Naded a short time later, joining Pnda Gaming alongside Naded, Cratos and Str8 SicK. At ME Las Vegas 2017, Pnda showed new life with Danoxide on board, taking out Team Allegiance in a dramatic series to qualify for Halo World Championship 2017 and ultimately finishing 4th overall after another win over Str8 Rippin followed by a loss to Team EnVyUs. On March 13th, Pnda announced the release of its Halo roster. Cratos confirmed that they would be competing as Crowd Pleasers moving forward. The following day, it was announced that Crowd Pleasers would be sponsored by MoneyMatches for Worlds and attending as TMMT Crowd Pleasers. At Worlds, Crowd Pleasers were placed in a group alongside reigning champions OpTic Gaming and 2nd-ranked EU squad Supremacy. CP were able to defeat Supremacy 3-1, but were swept by OpTic for a 2nd place finish in the group. In their first match of the Championship Bracket, CP were defeated 4-3 in a very close match against Str8 Rippin. Looking to go on a Losers' Bracket run, they defeated London Conspiracy 4-1 to clinch top 8, but could not get past Team EnVyUs, who swept them 4-0 and sent them home with a top 8 finish.

Following Worlds, Danoxide left Crowd Pleasers to join Str8 Rippin alongside AcE, aPG and Heinz. At UMG Daytona, Str8 finished 3rd in its pool. They started off well in the main bracket with a 3-0 win over Believe the Hype, but were upset by Oxygen Supremacy in the following round. After wins over eRa Eternity and Ronin Esports in Losers, Str8 were swept by Team Liquid and bowed out with a top 6 finish.

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