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Carlos Morales
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January 1989
Cpt Anarchy
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Carlos "Cpt Anarchy" Morales is a player who is currently a free agent. He is well known for his long career and his time with teams such as Str8 Rippin, Carbon and Heaven and Earth.

Halo: CE

Cpt Anarchy started off his Halo career at the second ever MLG Halo event, MLG Philadelphia 2004, where he teamed with BoO, Cabby and Shibby to obtain a top 16 placing. He then returned with a top 9 placing in San Francisco with team sLc. The team was made up of his childhood friends Ghost, Pookie and Rye. He also earned a top 4 placing in the FFA tournament against various prominent Halo CE players such as Zyos, Tsquared, Mighty, Darkstar, and Fonzi. He then attended Los Angeles with team IMOD, placing top 13.

Halo 2


To start off the 2005 season, Anarchy formed Te4m Mont4ge with bradfox2, Viruz and Enigma. They placed top 8 at MLG Houston 2005. Anarchy and bradfox returned in Philadelphia alongside Slick and FatalIsGod, placing top 6 under the Te4m Mont4ge name. Anarchy then joined Monglers Legendz alongside Defy, Mack and Vash, where he found his first top 3 placing, finishing 3rd in Las Vegas. Anarchy improved on his placing at his next event in Los Angeles, joining TmG and placing 2nd alongside Tsquared, Fonzi and Foulacy. He then spent two events on LeGendZ with Defy, Vash and Toxin, placing 3rd in Atlanta and 5th in Chicago. Anarchy closed out the 2005 season by joining Str8 Rippin alongside Fonzi, Foulacy and KillerN, earning a top 3 placing in the New York National Championships.


Cpt Anarchy started off the 2006 season on Team MOBDeep.net, placing 5th in New York alongside GH057ayame, Melloz and PistoL. This roster stuck together under the new name eX, and placed 4th in Dallas. GH057ayame then left and was replaced by Mack, leading to an 11th place finish in Anaheim. Mack and Melloz were then replaced by a returning GH057ayame and Mimic. The new squad placed 6th in Chicago. Following Chicago, Anarchy rejoined Str8 Rippin with Fonzi, Foulacy and Tsquared. This roster would close out the 2006 season with 3rd place finishes in Orlando, the New York Playoffs, and the Las Vegas National Championships.


Cpt Anarchy started off the 2007 season on Redemption alongside Fonzi, KillerN and Ramby. This veteran squad placed 14th in Charlotte, so Anarchy left and spent the next three events on LeGendZ. He would not fare much better here, placing 14th in Meadowlands and 11th in Dallas alongside Defy, Fonzi and Vash. Fonzi was then replaced by Dysphoria, leading to a disappointing 22nd place finish in Chicago. Anarchy then joined Type-Z with Hulk, Infinity Z and Str8pimp, placing 13th in Orlando. He closed out the season on Perfect Storm with Fonzi, Foulacy and Smoltz, placing 12th in the Las Vegas National Championships.

Halo 3


Cpt Anarchy had a rocky start to Halo 3, placing 17th at the inaugural event in Meadowlands with bradfox2, Hokum and Soviet on The Lifted. He then formed High Life with Pyrocy, Swishaa and Wooooly, placing 12th in San Diego. Anarchy returned to the top 8 when he joined Carbon alongside GH057ayame, Karma and ShockWav3. They placed 7th in both Orlando and Toronto. Karma was then swapped out for Naded, and the new squad again finished 7th in Dallas. Anarchy and the Carbon squad then came off clutch, securing a strong 3rd finish in the Las Vegas National Championships and earning a $40,000 prize.


Cpt Anarchy remained on Carbon to start off the 2009 season, with Naded being swapped out for Soviet. The new roster finished 8th in Meadowlands. After replacing Soviet with Defy, Carbon again placed 8th in Columbus, and Anarchy found himself reforming High Life with Bonfire, Elumnite and FeaR for Dallas. They placed 22nd at the event. Anarchy then joined Heaven and Earth with Karma, KillerDrew and PoWeezy, placing 8th in Anaheim, but PoWeezy was unable to make it to the Orlando National Championships, so they replaced him with Perplexity and ended up finishing 15th.


Cpt Anarchy began the 2010 season on Darkest Hour with AnT, Legend and TwYLighT. The veteran squad finished 7th in Orlando, but a disappointing 16th in Columbus, leading to Anarchy returning to Heaven and Earth, this time alongside Dersky, Strongside and Sypher. They placed 9th in Raleigh, and Dersky was replaced by GH057ayame. The new squad placed 8th in D.C., but failed to qualify for the Dallas National Championships.

Halo: Reach


As a result of not qualifying for the Halo 3 finals, Cpt Anarchy and Heaven and Earth participated in the Reach Exhibition in Dallas, finishing 7th. He and Sypher then attended MLG Dallas 2011 as a member of Classic with Chig and Soldier187, finishing a poor 18th. Anarchy took the next event off, returning in Anaheim on Cloud 10 alongside Chouncey, Free and K. They placed 21st. Anarchy then rejoined Carbon alongside GH057ayame, Mimic and ThuggishKilla, finishing 14th in Raleigh and, with TwYLighT replacing Mimic, 14th again in Orlando. They closed out the season with a disappointing 23rd place finish at the Providence National Championships.

Anarchy and ThuggishKilla then formed Rack City alongside Arkanum and Elumnite, finishing 17-24th in the MLG Winter Championship 2012.

Halo 5

After completely skipping Halo 4 and only briefly dabbling in Halo 2: Anniversary, Cpt Anarchy returned to serious competing in Halo 5. He first attempted to qualify for the Halo World Championship 2016. As a member of Legendary alongside Sargoth, Psylince and Squallaye, he made it to the finals of the North American Last Chance Qualifier, losing only to OpTic Gaming and thus missing out on qualifying for the Regional Finals.

Following Worlds, Cpt Anarchy looked to qualify for the inaugural Summer 2016 season of the HCS Pro League. After failing to place high enough in the Online Invitational Qualifier with Legendary, he opted to coach Soul eSports Red at the Summer Qualifier, where they finished 4th in their pool and failed to qualify. As a member of team French Toast Mafia alongside Squallaye, Rammyy and Vtect9, he once again came one loss to OpTic away from qualifying, finishing top 6 in the Last Chance Qualifier where a top 4 finish was needed to qualify.

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