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Weston Price
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December 1989
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Weston "Clutch" Price is an American coach for Str8 Rippin and a retired player. He is most well known for his time with teams such as Believe the Hype and Warriors.
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Halo 2

Clutch began his professional Halo career as a member of Team iTz at MLG Dallas 2006, placing outside of the top 32. He then joined LeGendZ WML, again placing outside of the top 32 at MLG Chicago.

Halo 3

After taking the remainder of 2006 and the entirety of 2007 off, Clutch returned to competitive Halo for the launch of Halo 3, immediately seeing improvement as he placed 15th at MLG Meadowlands 2008 as a member of MoB Deep with FE Thebox, HoMiCiDe1 and hslightking. He then joined up with Ace, Chig and OVERSHIELD to form Breaking Point, achieving a 9th placing in San Diego before finishing 11th in Orlando. Clutch then left Breaking Point to join Time 2 Prove with Batmayne, bradfox2 and TimeliestBrute. They placed 16th in Toronto. Clutch and Batmayne then left to join Impulse with CallMeGod and Wooooly, placing outside of the top 8.

Clutch started off 2009 as a member of Believe the Hype with Cloud, Demon D and Sypher. BtH was the team where Clutch would truly make his name, first placing 3rd with the team in Meadowlands. The roster then returned for Columbus, placing 6th. Clutch then left BtH to join Status Quo with Ace, Flamesword and Totz, but they would place 10th in Dallas and Clutch would return to Believe the Hype. Now with Cloud, Demon D and Maniac, BtH placed 5th in Anaheim before shocking the world with an upset victory at the Orlando National Championships, where Clutch won his first and to this day, only event.

Despite the national championship, Clutch left BtH to join Heaven and Earth for the beginning of the 2010 season. With Karma, KillerDrew and Naded, the team placed 9th in Orlando. Karma and Naded were then replaced with Strongside and Sypher, but the team would repeat its 9th placing in Columbus. Clutch then left HaE to join Dynasty, on which he would play out the season with APG and Destin. In Raleigh, the team placed 7th with TiZoXiC as the 4th. Tizoxic was then replaced by Heinz for the remainder of the season, and they placed 3rd in D.C. and 6th at the Dallas National Championships.

Halo: Reach

Clutch started the 2011 season off with a return to Believe the Hype alongside APG, Cloud and Maniac. They placed a solid 3rd in Dallas, but this was not enough to keep the team together as APG left and was replaced by Neighbor. BtH then placed a very disappointing 13th in Columbus, and Clutch left the team to join Victorious Secret with Calm, Reliable and SwiftKill. VS placed 11th in Anaheim. Clutch then left VS to join Quantic Fire with Arkanum, Royal2 and Best Man, garnering an 11th placing in Raleigh. Clutch finally found another dose of success when he and Royal2 left Fire to join Warriors with Dersky and SnakeBite. The team placed 3rd in Orlando before closing the season out with a 2nd placing at the Providence National Championships.

Clutch again returned to Believe the Hype in 2012 for the MLG Winter Championship 2012, teaming up with Maniac, Reliable and Twin Savior to take a 9-12th placing.

Halo 2: Anniversary

Clutch's only activity in the HCS has been as a substitute. In Season 1, he played as a member of Denial eSports at Iron Games Columbus 2014, filling in for the absent Chig alongside Mikwen, Ryanoob and Cloud. They finished in the top 12. In Season 2, he filled in for Ogre2 on Counter Logic Gaming during Cup 2 alongside Cloud, Royal2 and SnakeBite. They finished in the top 16.

Halo 5: Guardians

Clutch appeared at Iron Games Daytona 2015 as an on-air personality. Midway through the event, Liquid Vibe member Legit was attacked and left unable to compete on Sunday, so Clutch left his caster position to fill in as the team's 4th, alongside Ace, ElamiteWarrior and LegendPimps. With Clutch, Liquid Vibe finished in the top 8. Clutch later joined Counter Logic Gaming as their coach for X Games Aspen 2016, where the team placed second, and remained with them for their victories at NA Regional Finals and the Halo World Championship 2016.

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