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Kyle "Chig" Lawson is the coach of Team eLevate and a former player, most recently playing for Team Liquid. He is well known for his time with Denial eSports and Classic.

Kyle Lawson was born on March 20th, 1991. He is from Danville, Indiana.

Halo 2

Kyle "Chig" Lawson began his professional career at MLG Meadowlands 2007 on Extra Zesty with Panic Ownz, Ravage and Restored, with a top 32 placing. He would do the same in Chicago, this time as a member of Stays Grimey with Fugo, Mega Nova and Milk.

Halo 3

He would start 2008 by attending Meadowlands with Be Like Myth, Its Ozzy and K4 Massacre, on 3rd Degree finishing 31st. He would then find a home on Breaking Point with Ace for the rest of the year. They would attend San Diego and Orlando with Clutch and Overshield, finishing 9th and 11th. Those two would then be swapped for Mudvayne and Lowkin, for Toronto where they would again finish 11th. Lowkin would then be exchanged with Poweezy, for Dallas helping them get a top 8 finish.

Chig would begin 2009 in Meadowlands once again, now as a member of Ambush, with Gun_ShoT, NeXuS and TiZoXiC, where they achieved a 10th place finish. Chig would then leave for team Classic, where he remained the rest of the year alongside Best Man and Soldier187. They attended Columbus and Dallas with Legend, finishing 4th and 6th respectively. He was then switched with GH057ayame for Anaheim, finishing 6th and then finishing 2nd in Orlando.

He would remain on Classic for MLG Orlando 2010 and Columbus swapping out Best Man for Tizoxic and they would get 2nd and 7th place finishes respectively. Tizoxic was then swapped with Tsquared and the team would compete as Str8 Rippin in Raleigh, finishing 14th. Chig and Soldier187 joined Walshy and SK on Carbon for the final two tournaments of the year finishing 11th in D.C. and 8th in Dallas.

Halo: Reach

Chig started 2011 back on Classic with Soldier187, and now joined by Cpt Anarchy and Sypher. Together they competed at Dallas and finished 18th. He then joined Gimme My Money with Mikwen Str8Sick and Elitest for Columbus getting 19th. After Columbus, he reformed Classic (with a sponsor from Fnatic) with Str8 SicK, Prototype and Russo and would play with this team the rest of the year. They got 3rd in Anaheim, 6th in Raleigh, 11th in Orlando and 4th in Providence.

The same roster attended the MLG Winter Championship 2012 in Columbus and finished 7th/8th.

Halo 4

Classic stuck together (competing as simply FNATIC) for the MLG Fall Championship 2012 in Dallas and placed a disappointing top 24. Chig kept Classic alive in 2013 with a variety of rosters including Mikwen, Russo, Ryanoob, Roy, APG and Best Man, attending multiple AGL events and UMG Chicago 2013 where they placed much better than in Dallas, the highest being 2nd at UMG Chicago.

Halo 2: Anniversary

HCS Season 1

Chig (along with recent Classic teammates Mikwen and Ryanoob, and newcomer Cloud) was signed by Denial eSports in 2014. He was unable to attend the first HCS LAN event, Iron Games Columbus 2014, and his spot on Denial was filled in by Clutch. Denial placed top 12 at the event. Chig and Denial then made the finals of the first PGL 10k tournament before being defeated by Evil Geniuses 3-1 in the Finals. Chig then attended UGC St. Louis 2015 with Denial and the difference was immense. Denial won the event, winning Chig his first ever tournament at his first Halo 2: Anniversary event. The team wouldn't fare as well at Gamers For Giving 2015, only taking home 5th place. They went into the season finals at PAX East 2015 as the #3 seed. At PAX, they again underperformed, placing 5-6th.

HCS Season 2

Denial underwent some changes in the offseason, replacing Ryanoob and Cloud with Heinz and APG. The first major competition for this roster was the Online PGL 10k ladder, where they finished 2nd being defeated by Evil Geniuses in the finals once again, although this time the series went the full five games. At Iron Games Atlanta 2015, Chig and Denial finished 2nd, losing a close match to Evil Geniuses in which they were able to take the first series making them the first team to defeat EG on LAN in a best of five since UGC St. Louis. At HCS Indianapolis, Denial looked to repeat their upset on EG in the winners' finals, but lost a very close series before losing to Counter Logic Gaming in the losers' finals to end their tournament with a 3rd place finish. At the HCS Season 2 Finals, Chig and Denial again came up short, finishing 3rd to close out the season.

Halo 5

On August 12, Denial announced the disbandment of their roster and Chig confirmed that he and Mikwen were looking for two teammates. They would eventually join Ninja and Ace on Team Liquid. Mikwen left shortly after in favor of a spot on Team EnVyUs, and was replaced by UnLegit. In December, Chig was removed from Liquid's active roster. Despite claims that he was looking for a management role in the Liquid organization, Chig ended up joining Noble eSports as coach. He and the rest of the Noble roster then parted ways with the organization, joining Team eLevate. eLevate went on to place in the top 4 at Halo World Championship 2016,

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