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Ryan "Batchford" Batchelor is a Scottish player for Team Infused.
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Halo 5: Guardians

Batchford broke out during the Halo World Championship 2016 season, looking to qualify for the EMEA Regional Finals through the Last Chance Qualifier. His team, I Like Upsets, consisted of himself, Lethal, Purplex and VexZeus. They nearly shocked the region in a bid to qualify, taking 2nd place behind only exceL eSports. Though Batchford missed out on Worlds glory, his name was immediately taken notice of by players in the EU scene.

Batchford soon joined Enraged eSports alongside Lethal, Zhuh and A Sneaky Walrus. After placing 3rd at Multiplay Insomnia 57, Batchford looked to qualify for the Summer 2016 HCS Pro League as a member of Deception alongside Doodle, WarLord and Phlux. They failed in their first attempt, but took 1st in the LCQ, earning a spot in the Pro League. They were signed by Team Infused a short time later. Despite rumored roster drama in the middle of the season, Infused stuck together and ended up finishing 2nd in the season overall. At the Season Finals, they took 4th place.

After the Finals, Infused replaced WarLord with Havoc and Doodle with Kimbo. Early in the Fall Season, Havoc was released from the team and replaced by a returning Doodle. This lineup was notably the first to take a series off of FAB Games eSports in the Pro League. In the middle of the season, Batchford declared free agency and played in the Open Circuit, but returned to Infused before the next week's matches. Infused ultimately ended up finishing 7-3, good enough for 3rd place in the standings. At the Season Finals, Infused defeated Team Vibe and PuLse Gaming handily, but were unable to take a single game off of FAB in the LAN setting, settling for 2nd place.

On December 11th, 2016, Batchford declared his free agency. He eventually joined Team Vibe alongside SeptiQ, Ramirez and Lunny. On February 13, Team Vibe was acquired by London Conspiracy. London Conspiracy looked to qualify for Halo World Championship 2017 with a top 2 finish at Gfinity London 2017, but were unable to after a 3-0 loss to Supremacy sent them home with a top 6 finish. Batchford left London Conspiracy before the Last Chance Qualifier, stating that the "team wasn't working". He then formed Best Routers EU alongside Riotz, Quad and Morguhhh. The team lost to London Conspiracy - who had replaced Batchford with Qristola - in the finals, finished 2nd and failed to qualify for Worlds.

During the offseason, Batchford returned to Team Infused, now playing alongside Kimbo, Quadios and Snakey.

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