Dave "Anima" Gross is a German player for X-Men. He is well known for his time with PENTA Sports.

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Halo 5: Guardians

Anima achieved international fame as a Halo player when he joined PENTA Sports alongside BlizZTriczR and Soul. The team was invited to the X Games Aspen 2016 event to compete for a gold medal. Though they finished at the bottom, they gained attention from players in their region for their performance. Anima remained on PENTA through the HWC 2016 EMEA Regional Finals, where they failed to qualify for Worlds.

After Worlds, PENTA built a new roster around Anima, bringing in SepticAlphaMeentlan (for the first qualifier) and BlizZ (for the second qualifier). They failed twice to qualify for the Summer 2016 Pro League, so Anima moved towards building the strongest Open Circuit team. Alongside Septic, Havoc and VexZeus, Anima formed We Know the Secret. Despite replacing Havoc with SHERZY2 midway through the season, WKTS finished the Open Circuit in 1st place and took 2nd in the Open Circuit Finals, earning a spot in the Relegation tournament. Though they defeated Dinosaurs in WB Round 1, they were defeated in the LB rematch and failed to earn a spot in the Fall 2016 Pro League.

During the off-season, Anima successfully joined the Pro League when he was recruited onto the X-Men roster alongside RamirezChalkie and Lunny.

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