6 August 2016 - 16:27

The Uncertain Future Of Team Liquid

Liquid has recently received a lot of hype for finally looking like the dominant team we initially thought they could be, but this may all change with some scary rumors.
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Throughout Season 1, Team Liquid has had many challenges to overcome. Initially believed by many to be one of the top teams this season, Liquid disappointed viewers with their inability to close out games and win series that they had the potential to win. Fortunately for this team, things are starting to look up.

With a promising run at the end of the season, this roster finally appears to be clicking. The current roster of Tyler “Spartan” Ganza, Braedon “StelluR” Boettcher, Kevin “Eco” Smith and Dan “Danoxide” Terlizzi has needed to overcome several challenges to get to the position that they are in. With several important players such as Aaron “Ace” Elam, Bradley “aPG” Laws and Clete “Assault” LoRusso leaving the team for their own different reasons, the chemistry Liquid initially had has pretty much deteriorated. Basically during this entire Pro League season, Liquid has been trying to build some solid chemistry with their current roster.

Obviously you can't use chemistry as an excuse every time a team loses, but Liquid was at a pretty big disadvantage considering the chemsitry issues when competing against most of the more competitive teams in the league. The team's inability to click at an early state prevented us from seeing Liquid’s full potential.

With Season 1 now over, rostermania and all the rumors are starting to begin. Countless rumors have already started to fly around the scene, including rumors about Spartan joining Cloud9 and Danoxide being released from Liquid.


These of course are just rumors, but we can't take them too lightly. Everybody wants to defeat Counter Logic Gaming, and most teams are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if it means shaking up the roster.

If the rumors are true that Spartan and Danoxide are leaving Liquid, then I can pretty much guarantee that this team will once again have to build their team from the ground up. Both Spartan and Danoxide benefit this team greatly with their unique abilities. Spartan is a born leader who can literally do whatever this team needs in order to win. His skill combined with his patience and desire to win make him one of the most competitive players in the league who will always try his best to make his team as strong as possible. Danoxide, on the other hand, may not be much of a leader, but his explosive playstyle and communication helps his team stay motivated even in the toughest situations. We can't hear the communication of the pro teams in their Pro League Matches, but in Liquid's relegation match, Danoxide was on fire with both his gameplay and communication. A vocal player can help a team stay on track during the game and keep everyone focused. This type of player is invaluable.

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Although it may not be the end for Liquid if these two players leave, it would greatly hurt them. Liquid has finally started to look like the dominant team we knew they could be, and losing half of their current roster makes me fear that this team may become weaker.


What do you think about the uncertain future of Team Liquid? Let me know in the comments section below.

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