How to win Strongholds matches in Halo Infinite multiplayer: Tips and tricks

Capture the points.

Image via Microsoft/343 Studios

One of the core game modes in Halo Infinite multiplayer is Strongholds, a contest of capture point control that veterans of Call of Duty‘s Domination mode will find very familiar.

The basics of Strongholds are simple; there are three capture points scattered around the map. Controlling those sites scores points for your teams, with more points earned the more spots you control. Since Strongholds is one of just four modes playable in ranked and quick play, you’ll likely see it a lot if you consider yourself a dedicated Halo Infinite player.

Here are some solid tips and tricks to succeed in Strongholds matches in Halo Infinite.

Don’t get greedy

Your team earns points in Strongholds by holding two out of the three zones. Holding all three will double the rate at which you earn points, but you shouldn’t always be aggressively trying to capture the third zone.

If you have two points under your control, and everyone on the enemy team is currently alive, focus on defending the points you have. You can keep two players on each point, giving your team a better chance to hold onto points, and at worst getting some trade kills even if you end up losing the point. And if the entire enemy team attacks one of your points, your teammates on the uncontested point can either cap the enemy’s uncontested point or rotate to help.

If you successfully defend your point with minimal casualties, you could risk sending one or two players to the third point to try and get a quick capture. But you should never risk your already secured points just to get a third, especially if you already have a lead.

Maximize your gear: Grenades, power weapons, and equipment

Every Halo Infinite map is littered with so many grabbable goodies that you honestly have no excuse not to be using them. Especially when so many of them provide a ton of use during Strongholds matches.

It should go without saying that grenades are tremendous for clearing out control points, forcing enemies out of corners and hidey-holes into your crosshairs. Some of the more explosive power weapons provide the same sort of benefit.

There’s tons of equipment to help you as well. Deployable wall shields can help you dig in while defending a point, and a grappling hook can help you reach an uncontested point faster than anyone else.