How to watch the BoomTV $50,000 Xbox Game Pass Invitational for Halo Infinite

This should be an entertaining one.

Image via 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has only been available for less than three weeks, but the hype seems to be at an all-time high for Halo competitions.

The HCS has kicked off with online qualifiers and the excitement for the newest iteration of the sci-fi FPS franchise is palpable. BoomTV is looking to add to the hype with a $50,000 tournament, sponsored by Xbox Game Pass PC, featuring some truly big names.

Everyone from Halo pros to Halo legends and Twitch streamers will be participating in the event, which will be livestreamed across the internet on Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook Gaming.

Dr Disrespect, Summit1g, DrLupo, ZLaner, LEGIQN, Gigz, Biitersweet, Maniac, Hitch, Tommey, and Rated are just some of the confirmed competitors. The action is sure to be intense in the arena shooter as controller players and mouse and keyboard gods face off and team up.

Here’s how to watch the tournament.

How to watch Halo Infinite $50,000 Xbox Game Pass Invitational

BoomTV’s Twitch channel will be the main source of action for the event, which kicks off on Dec. 3 at 2pm CT. Many of the competitors will also be found in the Halo Infinite directory on Twitch.

With the upcoming HCS Raleigh LAN event next weekend, many players will be looking to sharpen their teeth on some serious Halo practice—and today’s BoomTV event will be a great opportunity for many to do so.