15 May 2016 - 01:16

First Wave of Teams Qualify for LCQ

Today, the first wave of teams have made it in for the HCS NA Pro League’s Last Chance Qualifier. Pl
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Today, the first wave of teams have made it in for the HCS NA Pro League’s Last Chance Qualifier. Players across 124 teams battled for their chance to play on May 21st, the qualified teams are as follows:

  • Team eLevate (Heinz, Swiftkill, Randa, Danoxide)
  • Catastrophe (Musa, Renegade JW, Trippey, Trisangurudeo)
  • French Toast Mafia (Cpt Anarchy, Swish, Winntur, Squalleye)
  • Clown Fiesta (Hysteria, Aries, TireIron, Cloud)
  • Showtime (a Smart Camper, CafeeConLeche, NinjaArts, Swish)
  • Twisted Fate (Blaze, Blu, Sypher, Tizoxic)

They join Str8 Rippin, OpTic Gaming, Crowd Control, Soul eSports Red and Team Liquid, as well as five more teams coming from a similar event tomorrow.

The full bracket for the event can be found here, on the ESL website.

Why six teams today and only five tomorrow? The event was set to a total of sixteen teams. Due to five of them joining after failing to qualify during the Summer Qualifier, another eleven teams were needed to fill in the holes.

Some teams, such as eLevate, lost their spot from the Summer Qualifier as they made roster changes that invalidated their position. Teams were allowed to make only one roster move and hold onto their spot, teams like eLevate made two or more.

Be sure to tune in on May 21st and 22nd to see which two teams earn the last spots in the HCS NA Pro League!

What do you think about these results? Who is going to make it in tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.

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