First episode of Halo live-action series now on YouTube for free

This is not an April Fools' Day announcement.

Image via Paramount+

Following last week’s debut of the Halo live-action series, Paramount confirmed and has now uploaded the first episode of the show for free on YouTube. This is available for all U.S. fans who want to check it out.

The live-action series is set to be shown on Paramount+, which is the Netflix or Disney+ counterpart for Paramount, making it a subscription-based service where exclusive shows such as the Halo one are being streamed weekly.

As for the series itself, it stars American Gods’ Pablo Schreiber as the ever-so-famous Master Chief from the original Halo series of games. Cortana’s voice actor, Jen Taylor, is also in the show now portraying the live-action character she has been voicing for years. Meanwhile, Californication’s Natasha McElhone is the show’s Dr. Halsey, who is known in the games as the creator of the Spartan-II project.

The show, however, has been receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics. Datebook calls the series “good enough but fails to stand out.” But one of the creators of Halo himself, Marcus Lehto, mentioned on Twitter his personal and positive take on the live-action series.

“Watched the Halo first episode twice and the second time I liked it even more than the first,” Lehto said. “It’s much darker and brutal than I thought it would be and the narrative gives some twist to the universe. Certainly eager to see more.”

Episode three of the Halo live-action series will be released next Thursday, April 7, on Paramount+. It’s unclear if the second episode or any following ones will also be uploaded on YouTube.