Fatal Ambition Signs Second Latin American Team

Fatal Ambition is interested in maintaining its involvement in the Latin American Halo scene and is proving this by signing a second Latin American team.

Established esports organizationFatal Ambition has been involved in the competitive Halo scene fora few years now. After the recent success of their North AmericanHalo Team winning EGL X, Fatal Ambition is ready to take theirinvolvement in competitive Halo to the next level.

Last season, Fatal Ambitionlaunched its first ever Latin American Halo team to compete in theMexican Qualifiers for the Halo World Championship. Their lineupwould consist of Daniel“Danmaster” Flores, Hozkar“WarriorMx” Santamaria, Armando“ARDOAB” Donnadieu and Diego“Decogre” Cruz. Although this team would put up a goodfight, they were not able to perform well enough in the OnlineQualifiers to qualify for the Regional Finals. Fatal Ambition isonce again interested in maintaining their involvement in the LatinAmerican Halo scene with the launch of their second Latin Americanteam.

This lineup consisting of Daniel“DanyKnight” Rivas, Raul“Dragoniak” Pichardo, Alejandro“Sobrio” Manzur and Josue“Venao” Escalante will be interesting to watch thisseason. The only players I know on this team are Dragoniak andDanyKnight. Dragoniak last played for Chosen Squad, which wasthe best Mexican team last season, and DanyKnight was also on Chosen Squad and alsoperformed pretty well when attempting to qualify for the HCS ProLeague under his team at the time known as Crowd Control, whichconsisted of well known North American players such as Levi“LeVy” Stump, Tomell “VeryNerdy” Day and Josh“Tragic” Linenkugel. However, I have no idea what toexpect from the other members of this team.

Although not that many LatinAmerican teams have looked impressive against the top NorthAmerican teams, there has been a fair amount of individual talentto emerge from this Latin American scene, making me believe that apotential god squad can emerge from the Latin American scene. But,whether or not this team would be this “god squad” has yet to beseen.

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