Ex-eUnited CS:GO players defend Halo pro Spartan after organization’s reply

Spartan isn't the first to run into trouble with the organization.

Photo via HCS

A number of former eUnited players from the org’s CS:GO team have spoken out with their own damning testimonies to support the embattled HCS pro Spartan, who benched himself from eUnited after controversies with the organization.

Conflicting statements and testimonies have made the developing drama between Halo Infinite pro player Spartan and his organization difficult to parse. The slayer accused the team of effectively holding him hostage within his contract when he wanted to explore opportunities with other rosters, which the organization denied. eUnited later called Spartan’s claims inaccurate.

Following the release of the org’s statement, Austin “Cooper” Abadir, a retired CS:GO professional who played for eUnited between 2018 and 2020, recounted a similar situation with his contract buyout, which he claimed was over $500,000. Cooper also accused eUnited of “straight up refusing to sell me to better teams as well as telling the other players on the team that another team was interested.”

His belief that the statement on Spartan was “bullshit” was supported by other players who previously competed under the eUnited banner in CS:GO as well. This included Michael “Dapr” Gulino, an eUnited player between 2018 and 2019, who claimed he was once denied a trial for a better team after being told he was too important to let go, only to be cut from the roster two months later.

Pujan “FNS” Mehta and Anthony “Vanity” Malaspina, two other players from the same era, gave their own evidence against eUnited management as well. However, they spoke to more general issues with the organization over specific similar instances to the situation with Spartan.

“Remember when our GM decided to put all 5 players in a room just to shit on each other?” FNS said in reply to Cooper’s original tweet. “I learned exactly what not to do from this guy. Horrific decision making.”

“Getting told we don’t deserve more bootcamps because we are forced to use a stand in because they don’t get someone a visa on time,” Vanity added.

The claims put forward by these four players adds further pressure to eUnited going forward, with the HCS Pro Series starting up again at the end of the month and Spartan continuing to keep himself benched despite the drastic reduction in pay. Spartan’s demands boiled down to either himself or Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes leaving the team, since Spartan saw their working relationship fractured beyond repair.