27 July 2016 - 01:47

ESL Not Streaming Relegation Pro League Matches?

ESL has made a decision to not stream any of the Relegation matches this weekend and the community isn't too ecstatic with their decision, but we may be able to stop this.
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With the HCS Season Finals scheduled to take place this Sunday, and summer relegation scheduled to take place this Saturday, many fans are getting ready for a very exciting weekend of Halo action. Unfortunately, this weekend may not be too exciting for some fans.

Halo player and member of Team eLevate, Dillon Randa Randa, who is competing in the relegation tournament against Team Liquid, had to say this on Twitter.


This infuriated many fans and players from all over the community and many were not afraid to let out their true emotions.


This obviously says a lot about where the community stands on ESL’s decision to not stream the relegation matches. For those who are not familiar with the relegation matches, it is a four team double-elimination tournament that consists of the two lowest ranking Pro League teams and the top two teams from the Open Circuit finals.

The two Pro League teams are Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming, while the two Open Circuit teams are Denial Esports and Team eLevate. The top two teams in this tournament will earn a spot in next season’s Pro League, while the bottom two will go to the Open Circuit, which means there is a lot on the line for all four of these teams.

This intensity makes this relegation tournament so exciting for everyone, but for some reason, ESL does not see enough value in it to have it streamed. In my opinion, not only is this a disservice to the players who have invested countless hours each day practicing for this moment, but this is also a great disservice to the fans who have supported their teams this entire time.

Many fans may even be more interested in who will do well in the summer relegation tournament than who will do well in the season finals. Additionally, now that ESL has chosen not to stream the relegation matches, some fans may not even bother watching the season finals.

There has been a lot of different reasons floating around as to why ESL has chosen not to stream the relegation matches, but the most popular reason seems to be because it interferes with some of ESL’s scheduling. Either way, this seems like a very silly reason in my opinion for ESL to not stream such important matches.

I believe that the entire community has made it very clear that we do not like ESL’s decision one bit. It ruins the ending of this Pro League season for many and it does a great disservice to everyone involved. If you agree with me on this, please make sure you spread the word on this matter and help make our voices heard. It is only with your help that we can make a change in this situation.

What do you think about ESL not streaming the relegation matches this weekend? Let me know in the comments section below.

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