Denial Mikwen Interview

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Denial Halo's Mikwen and get his opinion on the future of Halo, as well as insight into Denial as an organization and his team.

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Mikwen of the newly formed Denial Halo team to gain some insight on Halo’s future, Denial eSports, as well as some info about himself and his team.

ESN: What do you think of the return of Halo so far, and how do you see it progressing over the upcoming year?

Mikwen: It’s definitely starting to all move in the right direction, it’s all about delivering on it by the players as well as 343 Industries. We need to make sure every tournament is bigger, better, and more exciting, if that happens the sky is the limit  for how big it can get.

E: Do you feel that Halo has the potential to once again become a big title in eSports this year and in the future with the eventual release of Halo 5?

M: I don’t think it’ll be this year that Halo will be able to rival the big dogs in eSports, but I think, like I said earlier, it’s all a step in the right direction. If it does blow up, it’ll be during Halo 5’s lifespan.

E: Tell us a little bit about the process of joining Denial and creating the Halo team for them, did they reach out to you, or how did it come about?

M: They reached out to Chig and I after Halofest and after talking for awhile we decided to come aboard.

E: After you and Chig joined Denial did you have any certain players in mind who you wanted to join you that you specifically targeted or did you have to do some searching?

M: We knew that Cloud was coming back, and when I brought him up to Chig we both had the same ideas about Cloud, so he was a fairly easy choice. Reliable ended up randomly texting me and we ran some games with him. We ended up being really good so we decided that would be the squad.

E: Do you and the rest of your teammates have any specific in-game or out of game roles on the Denial Halo team?

M: Halo’s doesn’t really have many “roles” the best teams are of four people that can do anything at any time. Cloud is known for having a very good sniper, and Chig is known for his shot and intelligence. Reliable and I are just raw-skill super aggressive players. Objective work comes with slaying in Halo, so the more power you have the easier the game is.

E: How is it being a part of The Wolfpack so far? Have you had an opportunity to interact with their other eSports teams and how is it different from other organizations you have been a part of?

M: It’s awesome! They’re treating us great, being patient with my crazy sleep schedule, and making sure everything is good for us day in and day out. There is more opportunity here than most organizations for myself and my team.

E: Since Halo 2: Anniversary will be the multiplayer used for tournaments, how does the game feel and play in comparison to past Halo games? Do you like it or are there things that could be improved?

M: Definitely there are things that can be improved, but all in all it feels good. Halo games always slowly get better because of the forge system, and most of my complaints can actually be fixed with that.

E: Personally, how do you feel about your play in the Halo MCC Invitational and what can we expect to see from you and the rest of your teammates in the coming tournaments?

M: I felt like I was fairly consistent, but my Warlock game was lacking, so that map is my primary focus for the upcoming tournaments. Just expect a super raw-skill and aggressive team at all times.

E: What have you guys been doing in terms of practice for upcoming events? Just scrimmages against other teams or do you have any other methods of preparing yourselves?

M: Just scrimmaging, watching theater to better learn the spawn system and what went right and wrong. Basically Halo 101 for practice, no tricks up our sleeves, yet.

We would like to thank Mikwen as well as Denial for giving us the time and opportunity to speak with him.