Best equipment in Halo Infinite multiplayer

Master Chief agrees with our list, don't ask him about it though just trust us.

Image via 343 Industries

Equipment is key to achieving victory in Halo Infinite. In ranked modes where your opponents have similar weapons and skill levels, using equipment can help you get the vital kills in Slayer, or the necessary positioning to make a play in Strongholds or CTF.

There’s a handful of different pieces of equipment you can get your hands on in Halo Infinite, and we’ve ranked them from best to worst.


The undisputed king of equipment pickups, a piece of gear so valuable that it affects how pro teams approach strategy: the overshield. The overshield spawns in a power equipment slot and adds an entire extra layer of shielding to the player that uses it. The overshield falls only when the player takes enough damage or after a long 40-second timer. During matches, the player that equips the shield becomes the tank, taking on fights and dealing out extra damage for free so their teammates trailing them can swoop in and clean up the kills.

Active Camo

Right behind the Overshield is the other piece of power equipment, the Active Camo. Securing and activating the Active Camo turns the Spartan invisible, letting them sneak behind enemies and swing the momentum in their own team’s favor. The Active Camo lasts for a full 30 seconds, and you can even go back to being camouflaged after using your weapon while staying off the motion tracker.


The best piece of equipment that doesn’t fall into the power equipment category is the Grappleshot, the first official grappling hook to ever come to the Halo franchise. Why is it the best? Because it’s the most fun, and if anyone tells you otherwise then they hate fun. An enemy player with the Grappleshot and an Energy Sword effectively turns Halo Infinite into a horror game, and with so many vertical aspects to the maps, the Grappleshot has plenty of strategic relevance and use as well.


The Thruster can instantly jet a Spartan forwards, backwards, or in any direction they choose. You can use it to close the distance on an enemy to secure a melee kill, back out into cover during a firefight, or reach an area you couldn’t normally get to by jumping.


The Repulsor is another fun piece of gear, letting you blast back a grenade or enemy coming straight toward you. Enemies with melee weapons or close-quarter weapons will get fired backward, giving you the advantage in a fight. Additionally, on maps with spots where you can fall out of bounds, you can get a very satisfying kill by blasting an enemy over the edge.

Drop Wall

The Drop Wall is another good piece of equipment to have in a firefight, letting you place a deployable protective shield that absorbs damage while still letting you fire at the enemy uninhibited. Each shield panel can only take a few hits before getting destroyed, but those extra seconds could help you win a fight. And it can also block grenades.

Threat Sensor

The Threat Sensor is arguably the worst piece of equipment. It’s not bad considering it reveals the exact enemy position, but the area-of-effect of the pulse isn’t really that big, and the pulse can be easily avoided if you have a corner to tuck into. It doesn’t work on Active Camo either, and it only lasts for six seconds. It’s not useless, but it pales in comparison to the other piece of equipment in Halo Infinite.