3sUP Signs Halo Team

An Organization by the name of 3sUP has just signed a Halo Team in the hopes that they would be able to fight their way into the Pro League.

With the recent outburst ofTalent to emerge from the Open Circuit Cups, many organizations arestarting to show interest in some of the top amaturs teams who theybelieve have a high chance in getting into the Pro League. Anorganization by the name of 3sUP is hoping this would happen withtheir new Halo team.

In their latest tweet, theorganization announced the signing of their latest Halo teamconsisting of Chance“Monster” Duncan, Ian“Chaser” Contorelli, Ezekiel“Prototype” Martinez and Gilbert“Munoz “ Muñoz.


Hopefully with the support of3sUP, this team can start turning some head in the Legendary Cupsand make a strong push for a Pro League spot. All four of theseplayers a very talented making me believe that they have what ittakes to do well.


What do you think about 3sUPsinging this Halo Team? Let me know in the comments sectionbelow.