Aug 21 2016 - 4:53 pm

Potetin & Woomy!Gun win Pokken Tournament World Championships

The Pokken Tournament World Championships lived up to its name, as both of the titles at stake in San Francisco went to international players
Steve Jurek
Dot Esports

The Pokken Tournament World Championships lived up to its name, as both of the titles at stake in San Francisco went to international players.

Sato "Potetin" Masami of Japan took top honors in the Masters Division championship on Saturday, while Josh "Woomy!Gun" Simmonite of the United Kingdom took home the Senior Division title. The Masters Division was open to players born in or before the year 2000, while younger players were placed in the Senior Division.

Potetin defeated fellow countryman Araki "Azazel" Takuma twice to secure the victory, scoring a 3-1 win in the winners' final and a 3-0 win in the grand final. The two Japanese players took home half of the $20,000 prize pool, with Potetin earning $6,000 and Azazel earning $4,000.

Alexis "Deitylight" Sims of the United States placed third, one spot ahead of fellow American player Tevin "Teejay" Stokes. Two Japanese players tied for fifth: Matsui "Tanoshimi" Ryo and Evo runner-up Ageta "Buntan" Kazunori. Another pair of American players, Wesley "Bim?" Murray and Christian "Suicune Master" Patierno, rounded out the top eight.

Potetin, Buntan, and Suicune Master also finished among the top eight at Evo in July. Buntan finished in second place at that event to qualify for the World Championship. Japan's Abe "Tonosama" Hisharu won that event to qualify for this weekend’s championship, but he was unable to compete.

On the Senior Division side, Woomy!Gun held off a challenge from Dale "Bolimar" Causey of the United States to win the title and a trip four to Hawaii. Wayland Lindsay, who won the US National Championship last month, finished in third place.

The championships were decided at the Pokémon World Championships in San Francisco. In addition to the Pokken finals, the event also hosts world championships for the Pokémon video game and trading card game. Finals for those events will take place today.

Today - 1:25 am

Get your Red Envelopes ready—the Lunar Revel event in League starts today

Riot is kicking off the 2017 Lunar Revel with some slick new skins.
Aaron Mickunas
League of Legends Writer
Image via Riot Games

The Lunar New Year is a sacred, historic holiday that is celebrated by nations in the far east. It marks the beginning of the year based on the cycles of the moon. There’s dancing, festivals, parades, but much more importantly: A special League of Legends event. Why is that so important? Because you can get sweet new skins, of course!

The Lunar Revel Event is a yearly occurrence in League that features shiny new goodies to buy in-game. The event was announced and started today, so after you update the client, you’ll be able to take part in the festivities.

1) Free Icon

That’s right, for the small cost of going to the official Lunar Revel web page, you can claim a free Summoner Icon! The interactive home page acts as the hub for the Lunar Revel event, and you can click through the menu to see all the features. There’s even some lore tying each of this year’s Lunar Revel skins to their respective champions.

2) Champion Skins

There are three skins coming out for the Lunar Revel event this year: Garen, Azir, and Vi. Each has a matching Summoner Icon available in the store.

Garen’s sword and rad man-bun make this skin what it is: Awesome. When he spins to win, a green dragon swirls around him. When he ults, the giant sword that falls from the heavens... well, it’s green.

Azir seems to be more of a themed skin specific to this year, as it’s the Year of the Rooster—and Azir is as rooster-like as any League champion gets. His soldiers are also made to match his skin, sporting golden armor.

Vi’s theme is “the green demon” and when she ults, a big green dragon swirls up into the air and slams back into the ground as she does. This one’s our favorite, but mostly because it’s the only time we’re ever going to see Vi in a ponytail.

Not only are those three new skins available now, but past Lunar Revel skins and bundles are in the shop as well.

3) Crafting

A brand new Lunar Revel crafting system will also be in the client until the end of the event. It uses the same crafting page as usual, where you open chests with keys you earn from playing games and combine shards to form skins and champions. You can buy a Revel Red Envelope for 250 RP and visit the crafting page in your client to turn it into a skin shard and one random relic.

The relics come in three types: the Pauldron Relic, the Golden Relic, and the Gauntlet Relic. Once you have all three, you can combine them into Epic Skin Shards (1350 RP skins), random skin permanents, Gemstones, or Hextech Chests and Keys.

4) Merch

Finally, you can visit the Lunar Revel merch store to check out some IRL event goodies. Want a shirt featuring each Chinese Zodiac with League champions instead of the usual animals? Well it’s in the merch store, as well as a collectible figurine of Lunar Revel Azir.

The event is running from now until Feb. 2, so be sure to log into the game and check it out!

Today - 12:27 am

University of Toronto students can now apply for an esports scholarship

Who said gaming was a waste of time?
Sam Nordmark
Writer at @dotesports
Image via CC 3.0

Canada's top-rated university will begin taking applications for an esports scholarship to be awarded next year.

University of Toronto alumnus Victor Xin started the scholarship program as a way of providing extra support to students who want to hone their skills in competitive gaming. While this is the first such scholarship to be introduced in Canada, several U.S.-based universities such as University of California, Irvine began offering esports scholarships in 2016.

Xin works at Toronto-based wealth management firm Athena Capital Partners, which also funds the scholarship. He told the university that students that display competitive drive through computer games shouldn't be distracted from trying achieving success in the world of esports.

"There are trailblazers on campus who are rallying a different set of students to build campus organizations focused on an alternative way of learning to lead and succeed in life," Xin told the university. The former student, who graduated in 2008 after studying at its Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, began following StarCraft during his tenure at the institution and also founded the University of Toronto eSports Club. For Xin, the fund is aimed at making sure that students who show drive and leadership through esports won't "fall through the cracks."

Are you thinking of applying for the Victor Xin scholarship? The requirements are: That you're an undergraduate at the university's Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, you've got a 3.5 GPA, and participate regularly in gaming-related extra-curricular activities. If it means we get to play League of Legends during school hours, we're totally in.