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playvs: Built for Competition

playvs is a new platform providing a new avenue for competitive gamers, and much more. Enter wager matches solo or with a team.
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Over a billion people around the world play video games regularly, according to an industry report by Spil Games, and the number is rising. Whether those games are played on mobile devices, computers, or console systems, the fact is that gaming is one of the world’s most popular hobbies. Many people play video games online, where a rich social environment prevails, and a significant chunk of them enjoy playing competitively. However, for those with a competitive mindset, few avenues exist to allow them to indulge. That’s where playvs comes in, a new website catered towards competitive gaming.

playvs launched their new platform today, one which mixes the social and competitive aspects of gaming, giving more purpose to the hobby.


This is how it must have felt when Facebook was born. - Jordan "ProoF" Cannon


The small founding team behind playvs wanted to create the perfect environment for gamers to thrive, so they involved professional players from a variety of games during development. According to playvs founder, Delane Parnell, they all gave positive reviews, like the one above from professional Call of Duty player Jordan “ProoF” Cannon when he first experienced playvs.

playvs was built to help people monetize their time spent gaming - pros and casual players alike. The platform currently supports Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered on both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, soon to be followed by additional games like Halo 5, Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends. Currently, players can participate in “wager” matches from $2-$100 per player. A “bragging rights” option will be available shortly.

GAMURS was given an exclusive tour prior to launch. Here are a few of our favorite features:

Simplicity by design

playvs is one of the most visually appealing gaming websites in existence. They managed to supply users with all the vital information on every screen, while still making good use of negative space. During the design process, the goal was not to appear cluttered, and it worked.

Real-time updates

There is no need to refresh the page; playvs will automatically update user's screens with new information, like accepted matches, team invites, and friend notifications.

Team and solo matchmaking

None of your friends are online but you want to play? On playvs, you can sign up for a wager alone and they will provide you with teammates of a similar skill level. This is perhaps the most important feature on the site, for now. Instead of looking elsewhere for teammates, players can build relationships in playvs matches, even creating matches against friends if they want. On top of this, playvs offers built-in money 8’s. Gather a group of players together, and playvs will handle the rest. Other matchmaking options are also available.

Map vetoes

During the matchmaking process, teams will be given the option to veto a map from the selection pool.

The social aspect

playvs was designed to also be a social network for competitive players. Users can add friends and keep up with their achievements via an activity feed. The social aspect will be expanded upon in future site updates.


Just like on Facebook or Twitter, users will receive instant notifications for things like team invites/disbands, matchmaking, match disputes, and monetary transactions.


The small team behind playvs worked hard to provide competitive gamers a platform they felt was in desperate demand. Each of them will be available to provide live support on the site, in the case of disputes or any other matter. Their helpful spirit is derived from the company’s core values, one of which is “community first.” playvs believes that their users are important, and they will work for them. They also plan to be transparent and fix problems instead of making excuses.

The idea for the platform was first conceived last year by its founder, Delane Parnell. Parnell first became interested in business at the age of 13. By the age of 16, he and several friends bought and sold several cell phone stores. At 17, he started a car rental company, and by 19, he was organizing entrepreneurship talks in Detroit, Michigan. He later worked as an Associate at an early-stage venture capital firm named IncWell, which was led by Tom LaSorda and billionaires Roger Penske and Dieter Zetsche. Just before entering the esports world, Parnell led retail strategy at Rocket Fiber, where he helped raise $31M in seed.

One of his first moves on the business side of esports was co-founding Rush Esports, a short-lived organization whose Call of Duty team was sold to Team SoloMid. This was not his first experience with competitive gaming, however. In high school, Parnell and friends created their own Madden league, structuring seasons and keeping stats. Now, with playvs, he is back in the competition.  

Much more is in store for playvs and its users, so stay tuned and check it out!

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Josh Billy is an esports writer, chemistry grad student, and enjoys playing Call of Duty. Email - , Twitter @Orbit_CH3MISTRY

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