Your wallet won’t survive Steam Survival Fest in August

Good luck out there.

Image via Valve.

Valve and Steam’s next major event on the iconic PC gaming platform is the Steam Survival Fest, set to run from Monday, Aug. 1 until Monday, Aug. 8.

There are few experiences in video games more exciting than fighting for survival. Whether you’re looking to survive the elements or an unknown enemy threat, there is a seemingly never-ending amount of survival games available to choose from. And there are few platforms with such a deep and diverse quantity of survival games as Steam.

Beginning on Aug. 1, Steam users will be able to take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts on games that fall under the Survival category, or games marked with the Survival tag. This will include some games that have not officially released yet, like early access titles and games soon to be officially released.

Survival games are some of the most popular on Steam, in particular games with robust crafting systems and high-capacity multiplayer capabilities. Over the past month, two separate multiplayer survival titles in Rust and ARK: Survival Evolved have trended in the top 10 for most played games on Steam. Other titles like Terarria, DayZ, No Man’s Sky, and Raft are also among some of the most played on the platform. Even battle royale titles like Apex Legends and PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS technically fall under Steam’s survival tag, as do popular survival horror games like Dead by Daylight and The Quarry.

Clearly, Steam’s survival tag features something for everyone, whether it’s the traditional survival game purists, the battle royale fans, or the horror genre appreciators. Many of these games are currently on sale right now as part of various weekend deals, but they and numerous others will feature new deals and discounts starting on Aug. 1.

Get your harvesting tools and your finest weapons and get ready to fight to survive.