You can earn 2 holiday-themed avatars in Smite right now

Get them while you can.

Image via Hi-Rez studios

If you’re someone who enjoys beefing up your avatar collection with exclusives, it’s time to rejoice.

This month, Smite players will be able to earn two exclusive holiday-themed avatars, one for Juneteenth and one for Father’s Day.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez usually does justice to its holiday-themed avatars and the latest, shown above, are no exceptions. The Father’s Day avatar features the community’s favorite Norse papa sipping coffee from a No. 1 Dad mug. One would imagine the mug was a gift from his loving sons, Thor and Loki.

The Juneteenth avatar features a graffiti-style heart painted with green, yellow, and red colors. Originally the colors of the Ethiopian flag, green, yellow, and red gained popularity through the Rastafari movement and are now part of the Pan-African colors. Many other African countries have also adopted green, yellow, and red as part of their flag in recent years.

To earn both of the avatars mentioned above, all you need to do is get your first win of the day. The first day you achieve your first win of the day, you’ll receive the Juneteenth avatar. The next day you achieve your first win of the day, you’ll get the Odin sip Father’s Day avatar.

Juneteenth first became an official holiday in 1866 in Galveston, Texas. The holiday is now celebrated throughout the entire U.S. on June 19. Though Juneteenth steadily gained popularity after its inception in Texas, it wasn’t officially made a federal holiday until this year. Juneteenth aims to celebrate the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, as well as to honor African American history, culture, and progress.

Father’s Day will follow Juneteenth and comes on Sunday, June 20. Dating back to the Middle Ages, Father’s Day aims to celebrate the paternal bond of fatherhood. If you’re fortunate enough to have a dad or father figure who you care for, try to do something special for them this weekend.

These avatars should be available to grab until next Friday, June 25, according to the official Smite Twitter account.