Xsolla eSports Academy Pairs Coaches With Students

Esports are becoming more popular worldwide and so are the prize pools.

Esports are becoming more popular worldwide and so are the prize pools.

While being a professional gamer was not a viable career option until recently, players are now earning themselves hefty tournament earnings, contracted salaries, and even revenue from video content and personal brand apparel. The top 100 players in terms of eSports earnings have each made at least a quarter of a million dollars in their careers, and many of the players on the list are still active in their game of choice.

The glamour and prestige associated with being a professional gamer is almost akin to that of a professional athlete or movie star, at least for those interested in the eSports scene. Players and teams have their own dedicated fan bases and are role models for those aspiring to one day be in their shoes, and trust us, there are millions of people around the world that want to be in their shoes!

Xsolla eSports Academy was created to help players reach the upper echelon and to provide alternative career opportunities for those already there. Announced at Gamescon in August 2015, Xsolla eSports Academy is a place where you can, “Improve your skills in-game with eSport’s finest PROs from all over the world.” The site officially launched on March 22nd and you can read their blog post here.

Xsolla eSports Academy pairs highly skilled players with n00bs (and players just looking to hone their skills) in several of the world’s most popular games. It is tutoring for video games, in which knowledge is handed down in an intimate one-on-one setting. When you first enter the site, you can sign up to be a coach or as a student.



Only players who have proven themselves in their game of choice are eligible to become a coach. Xsolla carefully monitors those that represent them as coaches and will act as students for their very first session. If all goes well, coaches are verified and are then free to take on students who require their services.

For coaches, Xsolla eSports Academy provides a variety of options to spruce up their profile and attract customers. Coaches can link to all their social media accounts, introduce themselves and their achievements, and include a highlight reel on their profile page. They can also set the price for their services and share availability times.

There are already several highly-qualified coaches on Xsolla, including League of Legends coach Axel. Axel has been playing League of Legends since the very beginning and has been coaching top players for several years now. Currently coach of Zenith eSports, he has experience coaching North American Challenger Series teams and players as well as international teams. There are many coaches just like Axel waiting for students on Xsolla Academy!


Players of all skill levels can find what they need on Xsolla. From beginners to players hoping to reach the top tier of ranked play, coaches are available to help. Currently, 5 different languages are supported on Xsolla (English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean), and students can find coaches based on their region as well. Students can review coaches after working with them, making it easier for future students to find the right fit.

Here is how the process generally works: You find a coach you like, you work together to set up a time to meet, and you end up in a 1 on 1 Skype call. Axel, for example, likes to spectate his students while they play in-game. From there, he will guide the student along as they play and suggest improvements. Each student is different, and each coaching session is tailored toward that individual. Axel has gone as far as providing a written report on the current game meta for students to read over.

“I help as much as possible and try to make the game satisfactory. Players want to enjoy the game,” Axel explained.

If schedule conflicts prevent a student from working directly with a coach, VOD lessons are still available. Once a student subscribes to a coach, they will have access to the VODs that coach has posted to their Xsolla profile. Support is also always available on the site to help sort out any issues that arise.

With more coaches joining every day, Xsolla eSports Academy is providing the perfect opportunity for coaches to earn some money and for players to improve their game. What are you waiting for? Sign up on Xsolla today!

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List of CSGO coaches on Xsolla eSports Academy.