Xian wins Final Round XX

Kun Xian Ho of Team Razer won the first Capcom Cup Premier of the year.

Image via Capcom

Kun Xian Ho of Team Razer defeated Keita Ai from Team Grapht to win the first Capcom Cup Premier of the year at Final Round XX, earning 400 points on the overall leaderboard with his strong Ibuki play.

Xian began his journey by taking out Capcom Cup 2016 winner Du “Nuckledu” Dang on Team Liquid in the winners bracket top-eight, sending him to the losers bracket. Xian then faced off against Fuudo in the winners final, defeating him 3-2 to also send him down to the losers bracket.

Fuudo returned after taking out Nuckledu in the losers final to create a rematch with Xian. However, there was no reset of the bracket, as Xian finished his opponent in convincing fashion to take the Final Round XX crown, and more importantly, get the first points on the Capcom Cup leaderboard to kick off the year.

The top-eight players at this event were as follows:

  • First: RZR | Xian (Ibuki) – 400 CPT Points
  • Second: GRAPHT | Fuudo (Mika) – 250 CPT Points
  • Third: TL | Nuckledu (Mika/Guile) – 200 CPT Points
  • Fourth: EG | K-Brad (Cammy) – 160 CPT Points
  • Fifth/Sixth: Echo Fox | Tokido (Akuma) – 130 CPT Points
  • Fifth/Sixth: WinterFox | 801 Strider (Laura) 130 CPT Points
  • Seventh/Eighth: KFGC | Veloren (Cammy) 100 CPT Points
  • Seventh/Eighth: DNG | Itabashi Zangief (Zangief) 100 CPT Points

For a detailed analysis and the overall point distribution, check out the full standings here.