Xbox reveals Games with Gold for July

Members will be able to play the titles for free.

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Live Gold members will have a new slate of free games to choose from when July rolls around.

Xbox announced its newest lineup for Games with Gold earlier today. The July games feature a variety of genres, from puzzle-based games to dungeon-delving RPGs.

Beasts of Maravilla Island will be available all month long. The game puts players in the shoes of Marina Montez, a wildlife photographer trying to save Maravilla Island by documenting its unique and magical wildlife. The game is usually $9.99 

Joining Beasts of Maravilla Island on July 1 will be Thrillville: Off the Rails, which will be available until July 15. Thrillville lets players build their own amusement park, along the same lines as older amusement park simulators like Roller Coaster Tycoon. Another title that’s usually $9.99, players can create their own roller coasters and talk to the guests that frequent their park as they try to make the park more and more exciting.

In the second half of July, Xbox Live Gold members can access both Relicta and Torchlight starting on July 16. Relicta is a puzzle game that strands players on the moon, in a deserted base. In first-person point of view, players will have to change the physical landscape around them to make their way through the base, and unravel its secrets. It’s the most expensive game of this bunch normally, going for $19.99.

Finally, Torchlight is a cartoonish RPG originally released for the Xbox 360. The game features classes for players to choose from and randomly-generated dungeons to delve in, with plenty of monsters to fight and loot to find. It’s normally $14.99.

As usual, these games are also available for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, who can play these games for free, as well as the titles currently on Game Pass.