World of Warcraft players to receive 100-percent experience buff for 30 days

Now is the time to grind your alts.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Due to the self-isolation imposed upon most communities, Blizzard Entertainment will launch a 100-percent experience buff to retail World of Warcraft players, called Windows of Wisdom. It will be applied to all BFA, Legion, and Starter Edition players without affecting Classic.

This buff will last through the final week of March up until April 20 and is stackable with other experience buffs and items, such as heirlooms.

If you want to level up your alts, now is the time, considering Blizzard also applied some changes to max-level Visions of N’Zoth content, allowing you to obtain the Horrific Vision loot and transfer essences via a special currency through your characters easier.

If you haven’t played for some time, now is the time to return. There’s plenty of new content introduced in the latest 8.3 patch. The most notable being Horrific Visions, which would be Legion’s equivalent of Mage Tower challenges. It’s an instanced content designed for one to five players just like dungeons, which grants some nifty rewards.

If you’re someone who gave BFA a shot but initially felt put off by some of its systems, Patch 8.3 was designed for you with multiple quality-of-life improvements. Blizzard has been going all-out with content lately and has also announced a new Hearthstone expansion, Ashes of Outland, which features a new class, the beloved Demon Hunter.