Worgen Abomination is the latest Witchwood card revealed

Week two of card reveals is nearly over.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

With the second week of card reveals more than half way done, we must be getting close to a release date for Hearthstone’s next expansion.

Blizzard has been notoriously tight-lipped on release dates for recent sets, and The Witchwood is no exception. All we know is that it will be sometime in mid-April.

Worgen Abomination is the latest card from the set to be revealed. It was unveiled by streamer Peter “Gaara” Stevanovic earlier today.

It’s a seven mana 6/6 that deals two damage to all other damaged minions at the end of your turn. Honestly, this isn’t a very good card. They can’t all be winners. But this is just way too situational. You have to be able to put it down on the board and then set up a board state for it—but you’ve already spent seven mana to play it. That gives you limited options to make it work that turn.

In that case you’re relying on it sticking around. And that is a huge if. Probably too big an if to square away.