When does the Portal: Companion Collection release?

The Companion Collection is now available.

Image via Valve

The Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase today revealed several games and titles, giving fans a glimpse of what’s coming to the Nintendo Switch. The reveal included more information about popular titles like Sonic Frontiers, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and Minecraft Legends. But fans also had the bonus surprise of learning more about the Portal: Companion Collection, which is coming much sooner than you might think.

Nintendo Switch players can purchase the Portal: Companion Collection today, June 28. It will be available through the Nintendo website and Nintendo eShop.

The bundle includes Portal 1 and 2, allowing Switch players to enjoy both titles in the series in one convenient package. Portal 1 introduced players to the portal device, allowing them to open two portals to traverse and complete increasingly difficult puzzles in Aperture Science Laboratories. Portal 2 continues the story as players must continue to fight against GLaDOS, the terrifying A.I, and adds more variety and exciting elements to the gameplay experience. 

Fans looking for a multiplayer game should consider Portal 2 as a top option since it features online, local, and split-screen multiplayer options. Two players can work together to complete dangerous puzzles and enjoy the dark humor along the way. Enjoying the story with a friend can significantly improve the experience, so grab a friend and get ready for an adventure. 

The Portal: Companion Collection is now available for $19.99 through the Nintendo website and the Nintendo eShop.