When does HYENAS release?

Everything to know about the zaniest new space shooter.

Screengrab via Creative Assembly

If you’re looking for a shooting game that rolls together just about every type of gameplay you can think of, HYENAS might be for you. Sega’s new hero shooter, that’s also kind of a battle royale, that’s also kind of a looting game, that’s also a bunch of other types of games, HYENAS looks like the next game to take a crack at putting a new spin on the team-fighting shooter.

Set on Mars where the super-rich billionaires have set up shop after destroying Earth. Players play as one of the Hyenas, a group of space pirates that managed to escape Earth and are now sticking it to the rich folks by stealing as much of their stuff as possible. A match consists of five teams of three, while the battleground also holds plenty of AI threats to teams outside of enemy players. And that’s before you even talk about zero-g. Yeah, there are anti-gravity portions of the map.

The game is also loaded with nostalgia. The “artifacts” that players are trying to steal are old pop culture remnants of Earth that the billionaires on Mars want for themselves. No gold, diamonds, or other jewels here. Think more along the lines of Pop Rocks, and the Statue of Liberty.

With an off-kilter sense of humor and a wide array of influences all packed into one game, it’s clear that HYENAS will have something to offer to just about anyone. With that said, just when can players expect to be able to get their hands on the game?

When is HYENAS being released?

At the moment, no official release date for HYENAS has been given. As the reveal mostly consisted of cinematic elements, it’s likely the full release of the game is still a long way off. But the game is expected to be released in 2023, according to HYENAS’ Steam page.

Screengrab via Steam

Players who are eager to play can sign up for an upcoming alpha, however, which should launch sometime in the near future. Players interested in the HYENAS alpha can sign up to play on the game’s website.