When does Cult of the Lamb release?

It's the cutest cult you ever did see.

Image via Devolver Digital on Twitter

Devolver Digital has made its name by publishing interesting, off-kilter games, and it looks like it has another cult classic on its hands, literally, with Cult of the Lamb.

The game is fairly self-explanatory: The player plays as a lamb and they must start a cult. Enough said.

Of course, there’s a bit more to the game than knocking on doors and doing some occasional spooky stuff. Players will have to gather materials and build up settlements as the cult gains followers. The world is full of enemies and “false prophets.” It’s also the player’s job to fight off those external forces as they guide their followers in the one true cult.

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Completely at odds with the premise of “start a cult,” the game looks adorable. The characters are all anthropomorphic animals, and they’re animated in a cartoonish, hand-drawn style reminiscent of cartoons like Peppa Pig. The combat elements in the game offset the adorable characters and setting. All in all, it looks like it’s going to be a twisted, fun ride.

Can’t wait to start your own little cult with a bunch of woodland creatures? Here’s what we know about Cult of the Lamb’s release date.

When does Cult of the Lamb release?

Cult of the Lamb is slated for release on Aug. 11. It will be available on current and last-gen consoles for PlayStation and Xbox, as well as the Nintendo Switch, and on PC via Steam. Players who want to pre-order the game for PC can do so now on Steam.

There is also a demo available right now that players can play for free. Players will need to head over to the game’s Steam page, where they can download the demo, as well as pre-order the game and get more details about it.