What is Slider Overdrive in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands?

Throw your Fatemaker into high gear with one setting.

Image via Gearbox Software

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes a plethora of the staples from the Borderlands franchise and implements them in creative new ways.

The looting, class system, and overall world design will be extremely familiar to those who have spent previous time in the Borderlands universe. Developer Gearbox Software has created some new features for Wonderlands, though. Perhaps the first one that players will encounter is called “Slider Overdrive.”

Once players have started a new save file, they will be thrust into the new character creation menu. This is something entirely new to the Borderlands franchise since players could only select a certain class in previous games. In Wonderlands, players can completely customize their “Newbie” character, right down to the lip and nose size.

The base character creation system is advanced enough, but soon after players spend some time messing around with it, they’ll see the Slider Overdrive meter. There’s no explanation attached to this feature but players can choose to either enable or disable it.

Essentially, Slider Overdrive is a feature that lets players throw the character creation system into high gear. If enabled, players can go back to any of the character settings and turn them up or down to new minimum and maximum values.

Slider Overdrive is disabled by default, making the player’s character look fairly normal despite how high or low they have the values on a given setting. But once Slider Overdrive is enabled, players can decrease or increase these settings to drastic levels. Now, players can give their character a gigantic head with tiny facial features or vice versa.

There are some quirks with Slider Overdrive in the early days of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. For example, if players set their eyebrow size to the maximum, they will actually overlap with certain hairstyles and look even more abnormal.

If players are worried about not liking a certain feature on their Fatemaker after they’ve exited the character creation menu, they can simply go to a Quick Change Station, which can be found all over Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. These stations allow players to re-enter the character creation menu and change any features of their character they wish. The Quick Change Stations cost nothing to use, so feel free to mix and match with different appearances as frequently as possible.