What is Quenton Nelson’s rating in Madden NFL 22?

Nelson ranks as one of the game's top offensive linemen.

Image via EA

Indianapolis Colts guard Quenton Nelson might be out for part of the 2021-22 NFL season due to a crucial foot injury, but he’s still very much able to take the field in Madden NFL 22—where he’s an absolute force of nature. 

The ultimate pocket protector, Nelson has allowed just three sacks over the course of his NFL career, preventing defensive rushers from getting even remotely close to the Colts’ backfield. Plus, Nelson has never missed the Pro Bowl in his career. He’s consistently stood head and shoulders above his contemporaries across the league. 

With a near-perfect strength rating and completely unmatched awareness, Nelson ranks as one of the game’s top offensive linemen. The Colts staple makes for a perfect choice on any MUT squad, pairing especially well with pocket-reliant quarterbacks. 

Here is Nelson’s Madden NFL 22 rating as of reveal week.  

Image via EA

Overall: 95

SPD: 82
ACC: 90
STR: 97
AGI: 70
AWR: 99
TAK: 95
INJ: 98
TOU: 93