What does NAT mean in Madden?

It's NAT what it looks like.

Image via EA Sports

When you start playing a game, you immediately start building your muscle memory which eventually helps you become a better player. Without realizing it, you’ll also improve and enlarge your vocabulary with the terms you’ve often seen in your game of choice.

Madden has its fair share of unique terms and callouts. If you frequently play the Ultimate Team game mode (MUT), then the chances are you may have seen the term NAT being thrown around. You won’t be able to auction or trade anything that’s labeled with NAT since it stands for “not auctionable or tradable.”

Being not auctionable or tradable doesn’t mean NAT players will be stuck in your roster forever, though. You can still sell or quick-sell them for training. The quick-sell values of NAT players tend to be quite underwhelming, leaving exchanging them as the best option. While players with full squads will try to get rid of their NAT players as soon as possible, they’ll also be great additions to teams having a hard time finding players.

If you don’t need to get rid of your NAT players, you can create an alternative roster with them, which you can switch to whenever you get bored with your main one. While keeping NAT players can also be useful for future events, they can start clogging your inventory sooner than you know it.