What does LFT mean in gaming?

The use of LFT has been popular for years.

Photo via Riot Games

Have you ever seen a player with the acronym LFT in their nickname while you’re playing your favorite game or noticed that a professional player simply tweeted LFT and you did not understand the meaning behind it?

The meaning of LFT is easier than you may have thought. In the gaming universe, it stands for “Looking For Team.” It’s pretty common to see the acronym used across ranked matches and it’s used quite often by professionals who have entered free agency or want to play for another squad. We’ve listed some examples of its use below.

It’s also an easy way to say in Discord and TeamSpeak servers that you want to form a party to play a game. This way, people interested can reach out to you and game together. It’s unclear when people started to use the acronym LFT to find themselves a team, but when you search it, there are Reddit threads and Twitter posts from up to five years ago.

People who want to connect and play a game together may also use the acronym LFG, which stands for “Looking for Group.”